Carbon negative. Future positive.

Low-cost, net-zero hydrogen on a global scale

The Edmonton region is attracting investment in all areas of the hydrogen economy—production, innovation, hydrogen utilization technologies, and research–in part because of its unique ability to produce low-cost, net-zero hydrogen on a global scale.

Our experience

We’re one of the lowest cost producers of hydrogen in the world and we’ve been doing it for decades.

Our abilities in hydrogen production and related technologies are attracting investment from industries that require a high amount of heat and power that are difficult to electrify. Glass, steel, petrochemicals and concrete—all of these industries can use hydrogen to meet their carbon commitments.

The driving force behind Canada’s hydrogen economy

The Edmonton Region Hydrogen Hub is Canada’s first and largest hydrogen hub, positioning our region at the center of Canada’s emerging hydrogen economy and driving demand for hydrogen across a variety of sectors. Government, Indigenous, academic, industry, and economic development leaders are working together to kickstart the region’s hydrogen economy and ensure long-term economic competitiveness.

We also have the workforce to enable the growth of this sector. We have a young, educated workforce with experience in executing large scale projects, and we have more engineers per capita than any other Canadian province.

If you’re looking for opportunities to help drive a net-zero future, the Edmonton region is an exciting place to invest.


  • Projected $40 billion in investment by 2030—enabled by the world's largest CCUS projects
  • Canada's largest hydrogen hub—growing the entire hydrogen value chain
  • 66% of Canada's hydrogen supply is produced in Alberta and most of it in the Edmonton region

Webinar - Understanding the Edmonton Region's Hydrogen Opportunity

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