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Trade Accelerator Program

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Are you ready to go global or explore new markets? The Trade Accelerator Program is your ticket to take your business to the next level.

The Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) is a 4-day hands-on program designed to accelerate the strategic development of your business and to better prepare you for an expansion into international markets. This program will walk you through the steps in order to scale up, develop an export plan, and put it into action as an entrepreneur. The TAP Alberta Cohorts of TAP Canada was created by the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

With TAP, you’ll get the tools, connections and knowledge you need to take your business into new markets. Our team understands the challenges you’re facing and is here to support and prepare you. TAP is designed to provide entrepreneurs with:

  • Customized, face-to-face coaching and advice
  • Navigation of the complexities of the global trade ecosystem
  • Access to a network of experts and thought leaders
  • Familiarity with international best practices
  • Assistance in developing and executing an export plan

Edmonton Cohort

October 17 (In person)
October 18 (In person)
October 24 (In person)
November 3 (Export plans due)
November 16 (Virtual) – Mentorship Day


Indigenous Led Cohort

September 26 (In person)
September 27 (In person)
October 3 (In person)
October 13 (Export plans due)
October 26 (Virtual) – Mentorship Day


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How TAP Works

Get the knowledge needed to support global growth.

The program begins with an intensive two-day workshop that familiarizes participants with the available exporting resources, introduces high-level experts in key functions of international trade, stimulates peer-to-peer exchange of ideas & experiences, and provides guidance in recognizing and handling business challenges.

Approximately one week later, participants return for the Export Plan Day where they will receive hands-on support from leading Canadian export advisors. Participants will initiate the key sections of their export plan, detailing strategic objectives, market entry methods, international marketing plan, as well as supply chain and operational resources.

Over the following three weeks, participants will develop their trade plan. They will have the full support of export advisors to guide and assist them in developing an export plan that is realistic, high quality, and fully integrated with their overall business strategy. All export plans receive a written assessment from our expert team.

The final day of the program is focused on mentoring, constructive feedback, solutions, and reinforcing business relationships. After reviewing the export plan, participants will receive individual mentoring sessions from our expert partners where potential solutions and ways forward are explored.

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Manisha Arora - Director of Trade

Sponsors and Partners

The Trade Accelerator Program is supported by the Mobilizing SMEs to Export initiative to assist in delivering Canada’s Export Diversification Strategy. Below are the national partners that support this innovative program. This includes Calgary Economic Development, the TAP Alberts stewards.

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