Local entrepreneurs explore exporting with the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP)

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January 15, 2024

In a welcome return to the Edmonton region, the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) recently concluded its latest cohort, featuring 17 ambitious local businesses eager to unlock their full international potential.  

What is TAP? 

TAP is a 4-day hands-on program designed to serve as a catalyst for businesses seeking to accelerate their strategic development and prepare for international expansion. The program was developed by the Toronto Region Board and is supported by the Mobilizing SMEs to Export initiative to assist in delivering Canada’s Export Diversification Strategy. Edmonton Global is proud to promote the program which is heralded by Calgary Economic Development and supported by national partners. 

During the four to six weeks of TAP, businesses undergo a transformative journey with four phases: Onboard, Develop, Activate, and Accelerate. These phases give participants the opportunity to complete workshops, hear from export experts, connect with other business owners, and receive expert guidance and mentorship – all while developing their own unique export plan.  

We caught up with some of the TAP alumna that were part of this cohort and all of them reported having a unanimously positive experience. They also mentioned that taking TAP had a significant impact on their confidence in global trade, and they unanimously recommended other businesses interested in trade to participate in TAP. 

Quotes from participants  

“TAP exceeded our team’s expectations, providing us with an abundance of information and expertise to execute our export plan. We connected with many incredible people and found that their journeys were similar to our own. If your company is seeking guidance in navigating international waters and wants to get it right the first time, TAP is the solution for you!” 

“My experience was overwhelmingly positive. The program featured a range of inspiring speakers who provided valuable insights. Other businesses interested in international trade would greatly benefit from participating in TAP.” 

  • Dave Pavelich, Founder/Creative Director, CONXEPPT 

“Participating in TAP was an enriching experience and it significantly bolstered my confidence in global trade and export strategies. Other businesses interested in international trade would greatly benefit from participating in TAP by gaining a thorough understanding of global market dynamics.” 

“TAP has been an excellent experience. The caliber of the people and mindset of the overall group was refreshing. If you are looking to expand outside of Canada, TAP is an excellent training ground for those plans. I wish I would have done it before I started across the border.” 

“I had a great opportunity to learn the difference between European trade and Canadian trade. I love the program and need it to be more visible to encourage small business owners and manufacturers to learn strategies to expand their cash flow outside of Canada.” 

“TAP made me realize that there are many people, organizations, and grants to help, and knowing up-to-date information and resources was immensely helpful.” 

  • Anson Wong, Founder/Designer, CUBOS 

Be part of the next cohort 

If you’re looking to take your business global, TAP is your key to exploring new opportunities and new markets for your products or services. The next cohort in the Edmonton region will begin on March 26th, 2024. To apply for the cohort, please visit this link. Don’t miss this opportunity to accelerate your business to new heights! 

Christobelle Boily