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The Edmonton region’s agricultural sector has scale, built on a foundation of excellence in sustainable practices. As a region that includes both a large urban centre and 1.7 million acres of fertile farmland, agriculture and agri-food in the region includes rural and urban, traditional and high-tech, and strong research and development ecosystems.

We’re an agriculture powerhouse

The region has a well-developed value chain that includes everything from primary farm production to food and beverage processing, including a vibrant cluster of craft breweries and distilleries and a burgeoning culinary tourism scene.

We’re one of the few places in the world that produces more food than it consumes

Beyond that, there’s nowhere in the world better suited to address global food scarcity challenges. We have:

  • clean and abundant water, land, and air
  • a climate conducive to food production
  • historical expertise in sustainable farming practices
  • a strong talent pipeline
  • trade infrastructure
  • proximity to a major markets
grain elevator in St. Albert represents Alberta wheat industry


  • 1.7 million acres of prime agricultural land
  • There has not been a region-wide crop failure in over 100 yrs
  • Trade agreements are unparalleled - access to 1.5 billion customers

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