Quality of Life

Live exceptionally in the Edmonton region.

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Defying stereotypes

The Edmonton region is in a unique geographic location. It’s progressive and fiercely entrepreneurial, pro-business and pro-environment, laid back, and incredibly hardworking.

Universal healthcare, free primary and secondary schooling (K to 12), affordable housing, inclusive neighbourhoods, recreational activities, and competitive salaries—our people experience a high quality of life.

A place of abundance with plenty of urban and rural natural space to explore, there’s room to stretch your legs and your imagination.

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Affordable living

We are a major metropolitan centre you can actually afford to live in. In fact, Edmonton recently ranked the most affordable city in Canada and the fourth most affordable globally.

Alberta is the only province in Canada that has no provincial sales tax. Personal income tax and inheritance tax are also among the lowest in the country.

Universal Healthcare

Alberta’s universal, fully integrated healthcare system provides residents with excellent medical care from Alberta Health Services. Basic services and doctors’ appointments are paid for, allowing people to maintain a healthy quality of life without the financial burden. Life expectancy is 82 years old in Canada—two years higher than the OECD average of 80 years.

Health care

Diversity and culture

The Edmonton region is diverse and inclusive, with an exciting arts and culture scene and endless community options to build your future.

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The Edmonton region has a well-developed education system that includes charter, private, public, and separate school systems. Alberta is known for having one of the best education systems in Canada, and the world. Students have also historically performed well on international ranking tests and diploma examinations.

The region is home to 8 post-secondary institutions including universities, colleges and polytechnics. The University of Alberta consistently ranks as a top-tier institution globally, and is among the top four in Canada. The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology is ranked as one of the top three research colleges in Canada and is one of the country’s largest polytechnics.

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All year long, residents flock to our amazing river valley to experience the benefits of spending time in nature. We are one of the sunniest places in Canada, averaging over 321 days of sunlight each year. That's a lot of natural daylight to explore our beautiful parks, lakes, rivers, and natural areas.

Yes, it gets cold sometimes – but that is part of the beauty of our northern location. In the winter, the region is a true winter wonderland – and the outdoor activity doesn’t stop. We embrace all the seasons. After all, we’ve set Guinness records for both the World’s Largest Snowball Fight and the World’s Longest Hockey Game.

There are countless parks throughout out region to explore – all a reasonable distance for day-trips or quick getaways. Canada’s rugged Rocky Mountains are also highly accessible – you can easily drive out to Banff or Jasper within a day.

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Commute times

When compared to Canada’s six biggest cities, the Edmonton region has the lowest commute times. Whether you’re heading to work, to zumba class, or driving your kids to hockey practice, you can get almost anywhere in about 20 minutes or less. Your time is valuable—don’t waste it commuting.