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AI and Technology

When it comes to tech, it’s all about the talent

The Edmonton region is developing, attracting, and retaining some of the best talent in the world because of its highly ranked post-secondaries, high quality of life, and low cost of living.

North America’s fastest-growing tech ecosystem

Our affordable talent has attracted investment from some of the world’s biggest tech companies including Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and more. These companies also benefit from the region’s low cost of doing business.

Artificial intelligence

Home to a thriving artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem, the Edmonton region includes a large concentration of researchers working in AI, machine learning, and reinforcement learning at the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii). The University of Alberta is ranked 3rd globally in AI research and is attracting some of the world’s brightest minds in AI.

Innovative tech companies

Tech companies in the region are solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. From startups to scale-ups to large multinationals, tech companies thrive here as they innovate to feed, fuel, solve health challenges, and increase environmental sustainability not just in our region, but across the globe.

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  • Fastest growing tech ecosystem in North America (CBRE, 2021)
  • Ranked 3rd globally in AI research
  • Canada's lowest corporate tax rate

Meet our leaders in Artificial Intelligence and Technology

Our AI and technology ecosystem

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Organizations (By Type)

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Companies in AI and Technology

  • Alta ML Logo
  • Serious Labs Logo
  • Scope AR Logo
  • AlignVR Logo
  • Trajectory IQ Logo
  • Bitcoin Well Logo
  • Runwithit Synthetics Logo
  • DeepMind Logo
  • Jobber Logo
  • Intuit Logo
  • Honeywell Logo
  • Wipro Logo
  • Xerox logo
  • Punchcard Logo
  • Ricoh Canada
  • Sketch Deck AI


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