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The Edmonton region’s unique geographic location has contributed to a dynamic and original cultural and creative scene. Being this far north – we’ve learned how to make our own fun. From visual and digital arts to music and film, we’re a creative bunch – and it’s not limited to one scene.

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The region has a deep history in video game development with several AAA studios and a vibrant indie developer scene. Artificial intelligence is the next big frontier when it comes to digital media and game development, and we’re developing, attracting, and retaining incredible AI talent thanks to our highly ranked post-secondary institutions. We’re one of three major AI hubs in Canada.

We’re also no stranger to film productions of any size – we love the opportunity to host you and show off our natural beauty. In our region, you get access to both urban and rural, cultured and rugged. The Edmonton region is the place to be for companies looking to be part of a thriving creative community.

video game development is part of Edmonton's digital media and entertainment scene


  • Ranked 3rd globally in AI research
  • More than 85 game development studios
  • 25% lower operating costs compared to major urban centres

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two men film a fighting scene with the help of AI and CGI technology

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