Ixon - revolutionizing the food packaging industry.

IXON – Revolutionizing the Food Packaging Industry

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June 16, 2023

“What if we can ship and store food products at room temperature without refrigeration or preservatives for up to two years?” asks IXON’s website, and after seeing and tasting their product, we can see this innovative company has made that question a reality.

IXON is a Hong Kong tech company that recently announced that they would be establishing their headquarters in the Edmonton region. They have developed a revolutionary, patent-pending technology called advanced sous-vide aseptic packaging (ASAP) that can sterilize and store food products at room temperature for up to two years, allowing meat products and fresh produce to be shipped and stored without deterioration or spoilage.

To further prove the quality of their products to the local customers, IXON held a tasting event, the first in Alberta since announcing plans to launch a packaging innovation company in Edmonton. The event took place at Edmonton Unlimited on June 12th. Edmonton Global was excited to be a part of this demonstration for a revolutionary food storage technology. It became a unique opportunity to see and taste some ASAP beef and pork, as well as witness a brief presentation from the IXON’s team on their company.


IXON is not just a company. They are a team of visionary food scientists, engineers, and packaging specialists. Since Felix Cheung, IXON’s founder and CEO, established the company in 2017, IXON believes that the future lies in ASAP. Exclusively owning rights to make and distribute ASAP food products, they successfully demonstrate its efficiency to their customers, partners, and the public.

ASAP brings commercial opportunities and product advantages. This technology allows for long-term fresh produce preservation, making it an economical and convenient solution. They can also be taken through customs anywhere in the world. Even more, ASAP enables the manufacture of ready-to-eat (MRE) meals with taste, texture, and nutrition rivalling those of traditionally cooked meals, if not a five-star restaurant dinner.

Implementing ASAP technology, IXON opens a whole new world of solutions. ASAP food is unlike canned, retort or frozen food. Not being exposed to temperatures greater than 250 °F (121 °C), it bears resemblance to traditionally made meals, if not professionally made ones. ASAP combines the quality and nutritional values of fresh produce, the taste and texture of traditionally cooked meals, as well as convenience and accessibility of canned food. ASAP technology also requires little water and energy, presenting environmental benefits to those who decide to use it.


In December 2022, Invest Alberta held an event with IXON in Hong Kong to announce the company’s decision to bring $10 million and 20 jobs to Alberta in 2023 once they launch a packaging innovation company in Edmonton.

Why did the founders of IXON select Edmonton over a number of other places? The region’s unique combination of world-class research, infrastructure, and network of support became the main reasons to make such a decision. Felix Cheung shared more of his thoughts on why they have chosen Alberta for their first international office with Invest Alberta:

“After much travelling in July and August, we ultimately picked Alberta as the home for our first international office due to its tremendous support for start-ups, its outstanding quality meats, especially beef and pork, as well as its wealth of resources, including expertise in food safety, product development, and mechanical engineering.”

– Felix Cheung, Founder and CEO, IXON Food Technology

Elton Ho and Felix Cheung, IXON Food Technology

Edmonton Global is glad to welcome IXON to Edmonton and hopes that it will become home from home for the company and its team.

Veronika Ivanytska