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Your future begins here in the Edmonton region.

The Edmonton region is perfectly positioned in one of the most business friendly places in North America.

Our biggest strength is our people. With a population of 1.5 million and eight post-secondary institutions with more than 130,000 students, we have a young and diverse talent pool with expertise in engineering, health and life sciences, agriculture, artificial intelligence, and more.

We are the fastest growing region in Canada, with more than double the national average in export growth, generating $107 billion in GDP.

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Our 5 Focus Sectors

North America’s fastest-growing tech ecosystem

  • The Edmonton region’s AI (artificial intelligence) and Tech sector has abundant, quality talent that is more affordable than other markets in America.  
  • From startups to scale-ups to large multinationals, tech companies thrive here as they innovate to feed, fuel, solve health challenges, and increase environmental sustainability here and across the globe. 
  • The Edmonton region is one of only three centres of AI excellence in Canada part of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, and we lead it with the most extensive collection of fellows at Amii (Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute) and support from all levels of government. 

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Feeding the world sustainably

  • We’re one of the few places in the world that produces more food than it consumes.
  • As a region that includes both a large urban centre and 2.4 million acres of fertile farmland, the sector is both rural and urban, traditional and high-tech, and includes a strong research and development ecosystem. 
  • Alberta includes 52 million acres of agricultural land.
  • The region has a well-developed value chain that includes everything from primary farm production to food and beverage processing, including a vibrant cluster of craft breweries and distilleries and a burgeoning culinary tourism scene.

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Strategically located in the north

  • The Edmonton region is North America’s northern most major city, our strategic advantage lies in our location.
  • Our connections to sea through the Ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver, as well as rail and road access to the United States and Mexico, make us a vital international trade corridor well positioned to strengthen global supply chains.
  • The entire region is an inland port where air, rail, pipelines, and roadways converge with favourable regulations and the benefits of a Foreign Trade Zone.
  • With free trade access to 54 countries the Edmonton region has open market access to more than 1.5 billion consumers worldwide.  

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A hub for life sciences innovation and growth

  • Health and life science companies in the Edmonton region are part of a strong, growing, and tight-knit community working at the cutting edge of scientific breakthroughs.
  • Scientists are at the forefront of research in diabetes, virology, and precision health, and we have world class facilities to prove it.
  • The region has strengths in pharmaceutical manufacturing, drug discovery, nutraceuticals, diagnostics, medical devices, and sits at the convergence of artificial intelligence and health.

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The path to net zero runs through the Edmonton region

5,000 Hydrogen Vehicle Challenge - Diesel Tech Industries and City of Edmonton

  • The Edmonton region is attracting investment in all areas of the global hydrogen economy—production, innovation, hydrogen utilization technologies, and research–in part because of its unique ability to produce low-cost, net-zero hydrogen energy on a global scale.
  • The Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB is Canada’s first and largest hydrogen hub, positioning our region at the center of Canada’s emerging hydrogen economy and driving demand for hydrogen across a variety of sectors.
  • The 5,000 Hydrogen Vehicle Challenge: We’re creating Canada’s roadmap to a net-zero future with the ultimate goal of this challenge is to have 5,000 hydrogen or dual-fuel hydrogen vehicles on the road in Western Canada within five years.

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