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Talent in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region

Published On
July 20, 2020

A changing global landscape highlights the importance of talent

“The world is fundamentally changing and so are the practices of growing companies.” said Malcolm Bruce, CEO of Edmonton Global. “In the past, companies have been able to pull people to them. Now companies are the ones on the move and they are going where the talent is. The Edmonton Metropolitan Region produces an incredible amount and diversity of talented people and we’re increasingly attracting people to move here for academic research, to start or expand companies, and to be part of the new economy we’re building.”

Recent changes to the United States Visa programs an opportunity for Canada

Recent changes to the United States Visa programs are making it more difficult for companies to bring in foreign talent. “We need to be on the radar of companies looking to access North American markets and setting up teams,” commented Malcolm. “We need to raise our profile and do more to show off what’s happening here.” The new Talent video and our previous series on the sectors driving the Edmonton Metropolitan Region’s economy are part of building awareness of the region among companies from around the world who are looking to expand. “We want companies to know – if you’re looking to access talent and a community that is open, welcoming, and inclusive, look north to Canada and the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.”

The proposed changes to the United States Visa programs may also make it challenging for international students to continue studying at US universities and colleges. “This presents a significant opportunity for Canada, both for attracting international investment and international students,” commented Malcolm. “Globally recognized top institutions like the University of Alberta can play a key role in attracting some of the world’s best young minds to Canada. And with programs at both the Provincial and National level to fast track citizenship, our goal is to keep them here.” 

You can afford to build a life here

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region’s high quality of life, diverse economy, high average salaries, and low cost of living make it very attractive to young people and young families. It’s the second youngest region in Canada and has been ranked as the best community in Canada for youth and youth work in Youthful Cities 2019 Urban Work Index