From Parkland County to the world stage: Anohka Distillery’s wins best new spirit and make

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June 17, 2024

Anohka Distillery, an Edmonton region craft distillery based in Parkland County, Alberta, has garnered international acclaim by winning the title of Best New Make and Spirit at the prestigious World Whiskies Awards in London, England. Their award-winning spirit, named “This is not Whisky,” prevailed against established competitors from world-renowned whisky-producing regions including Scotland, Ireland, and Japan. 


Gurpreet Ranu, the owner and distiller of Anohka Distillery, expressed his excitement at the victory. “I knew that what we made was really good, but I didn’t expect to win,” Ranu said. “I looked at the competition, and these are folks that have decades of experience.” Despite being a relatively new entrant into the industry, with just two years since the company was founded, Anohka Distillery’s unique approach and exceptional quality have clearly made an impact. 

In addition to their award-winning “This is not Whisky,” Anohka Distillery produces two other award-winning spirits – both gins; Tempest Gin and Timeless Gin. With their recent launch of an online store, they hope to make their award-winning spirits accessible to enthusiasts worldwide. 

Anohka’s success serves as further validation that Alberta craft distillers, and the distillers in the Edmonton region, are producing products of the highest quality. The Alberta Craft Distillers Association has put significant effort around elevating the profile of Alberta’s homegrown industry over the last year – an industry that Travel Alberta estimates is worth $1.5 billion annually to the economy.  

The Edmonton region plays a big role in growing the industry. “We know that the region has some of the best agricultural land in all of North America, we have remarkable logistics connectivity both by land and by air, and distillers across the region are leveraging these strengths to make gains,” says Dan St. Pierre, Executive Director of the Alberta Craft Distillers Association. He notes that market trends have shown alcohol consumption and sales have slowed over the last decade, but premium products are still growing market share. “There is a huge opportunity in the premium spirits category and Anohka winning World’s Best New Make and Young Spirit was like launching a flare into the sky signalling that there are things the international spirits community should be paying attention to in the Edmonton region. It puts us on the map and makes it easier to start developing new markets internationally. Not easy. But easier.” 

The recognition at the World Whiskies Awards not only validates Anohka’s exceptional products but also highlights the potential for Edmonton region distilleries to excel on the global stage. “It’s a pretty fantastic acknowledgement and just proof that we can make amazing whisky here in Canada,” Ranu remarked. With plans to develop a fully aged whisky, Anohka is set to further solidify its place among the world’s best, showcasing the unique flavors and quality that can be achieved from right here in the Edmonton region. 

About Anohka Distillery 

Anohka Distillery is a craft distillery located in Parkland County, Alberta. It’s known for producing world-class gin and single malt whisky. Anohka prides itself on redefining the Canadian spirits game by combining old-world distilling practices with modern science and technology. 

About the Alberta Craft Distillers Association 

The Alberta Craft Distillers Association (ACDA) represents craft distilleries across Alberta, advocating for the interests and growth of the craft distilling industry in the province. The association works to promote high-quality, locally produced spirits, support member distilleries through networking and educational opportunities, and influence regulatory and legislative matters affecting the industry. By fostering collaboration and promoting best practices, the ACDA aims to enhance the visibility and success of Alberta’s craft distilleries on both a provincial and national level.  

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