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Riya Ganguly joins Edmonton Global as the new VP of Strategy & Innovation

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September 7, 2021

On September 7, Edmonton Global will welcome Riya Ganguly as its new Vice President, Strategy & Innovation where she will lead the execution of Edmonton Global’s strategic plan and provide leadership on the strategic competitiveness of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

Riya comes to Edmonton Global most recently from the University of British Columbia, where she served as the Director of Strategic Partnerships. Riya has lived in Bahrain as well as many of Canada’s major cities. She has been educated or worked at seven post-secondary institutions throughout Canada and has diverse experience in innovation, commercialization, technology, and health that she will bring to her new role at Edmonton Global.

Riya holds a Ph.D. in physiology and pathophysiology from the University of Manitoba, an MBA from Queen’s University, an MSc from York University, and a BSc in Genetics (Honors) from McMaster University. Among Riya’s more notable professional accomplishments is working at the Health Hub and Accelerator at the University of Alberta here in Edmonton. Her demonstrable expertise in strategic partnership development and previous success working in higher education will bring additional strength to the region as a whole.

“We are excited to add Riya to the Edmonton Global team,” says Malcolm Bruce, CEO of Edmonton Global. “Riya brings a unique perspective on the innovation happening not just here in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, but throughout Canada and much of the world. Her expertise will be an asset that will enhance the already-strong team working to make the Edmonton region more competitive and drive the transformation and growth of our economy.”

“I’m excited to jump in and join the transformative work being done by Edmonton Global and to work alongside people who are passionate about the work they do,” says Riya. “Returning to Edmonton, I can see there’s a growing energy in the region, and I’m looking forward to enjoying the high quality of life that’s offered here. There’s a good reason the Edmonton region is attractive to top-tier talent. There’s world-leading innovation occurring in our post-secondary institutions and in our companies, and there is so much opportunity to connect that talent, research, and innovation to global markets.”

A self-proclaimed health enthusiast and lover of hiking, Riya is thrilled to be returning to the Edmonton region to raise her daughter and establish strong roots with the supportive community here.

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