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One Year Later: Sia Partners’ Expansion into the Edmonton Region

Published On
October 2, 2023

In September of 2022, a global management consulting firm, Sia Partners, made a strategic move to expand into Western Canada by acquiring E2E Business Transformation, an Edmonton-based consulting firm. Sia Partners describes themselves as a next-generation management consulting firm and a pioneer of Consulting 4.0 – a unique blend of AI and design capabilities that they use to help their clients navigate the journey towards digitization.  

One year later, the partnership has proven to significantly benefit both Sia Partners and the new local team. Since establishing their presence in the region, Sia Partners has not only benefitted from a talented local workforce but has also built new connections with the region’s client base.  

Sia Partners’ strategic expansion journey began by establishing themselves in Eastern Canada. Motivated by their commitment to address pressing global challenges, particularly those related to the global energy transition, they decided to expand further West. The Edmonton region has long been the backbone of Canada’s energy industry and is also leading the nation in energy transition and clean technologies. Through emerging energy sectors, including hydrogen and carbon capture, the Edmonton region is providing new pathways to decarbonization. E2E Business Transformation was a natural partner for Sia Partners, given its extensive relationships with businesses already working in the area of energy transition. The strategic decision to acquire E2E Business Transformation enabled Sia Partners to both establish direct connections with these businesses and establish new partnerships. 

For E2E Business Transformation, the acquisition proved to be equally beneficial to the local team. The firm initially operated as a boutique consultancy operated by Carolann Regular and supplemented by a small team of subcontractors. One year later, Sia Partner’s Edmonton office has grown to a strong team with ambitious plans to grow in size within the next year. In addition to this, the team’s growth has not only enriched their collective expertise but has also provided them exposure to global best practices, an experience Carolann highlighted was previously unattainable. 

“There’s so much value to these global partnerships,” said Carolann. “The knowledge transfer and learning that occurs is key to helping our organization continue to grow and take on new business streams. The impacts of building these relationships and connecting what we are doing here, to what is happening globally are tangible.” 

Sia Partners’ expansion into the Edmonton region has also had a significant impact on the global firm’s capabilities. By extending their services to new clients within the region, Sia Partners has formed valuable connections and has benefitted from the region’s leadership in projects related to the energy transition. Their expansion across Canada has also led to the creation of various specialized teams with diverse expertise, contributing to the consultancy’s expertise in tackling unique and emerging challenges.  

“We’re excited about what comes next for Sia Partners globally and for our local team here in the Edmonton region,” says Carolann. “Our team continues to grow and we are always learning from the continued exposure to global best practices. We look forward to continuing to deliver tailored solutions for our clients here in Western Canada and also globally.” 

Christobelle Boily