Esg catalyst for economic development.

ESG as a Catalyst for Economic Development

Published On
May 11, 2023

Economic Development and ESG

The use of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics to evaluate the risks and opportunities of an investment has become more prevalent in recent years. Municipalities in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region have committed to transitioning to a cleaner and more sustainable economy, and economic development organizations will be essential to encouraging, attracting, and advocating for investments from companies with high ESG performance.

Edmonton Global commissioned a white paper to discuss ESG and ESG-related initiatives in several jurisdictions. Edmonton Global recommends:

  • Continuous promotion of the significant amount of legislation and regulations in Alberta that address ESG factors and provide certainty for investors with respect to legal requirements.
  • Alignment among regulators, industries and investors with respect to ESG and the manner in which it is addressed via policies, legislation and regulations.
  • Supporting efforts of the Government of Alberta’s ESG Secretariat, including to make ESG data and performance metrics readily available to investors.

Read the full report here: ESG as a catalyst for economic development_Edmonton Global_May 2023

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Brianna Morris

Brianna is a master at breaking down difficult concepts and encouraging others to consider the big picture. She’s excited to help our region improve its global competitiveness by developing policy solutions and providing thought leadership on economic transformation.Brianna has several years of experience working at public policy think tanks and has had her work featured in media outlets and institutions across the country. She grew up in Calgary, earning a Master’s degree in political science at the University of Calgary, and has since made the Edmonton region her home. A lover of learning as well as of travel, Brianna has sought out opportunities to learn about economics, philosophy, politics, and history throughout the world, including the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Brianna has an eclectic range of hobbies, from playing the flute to snowmobiling with her family in the mountains.