New vp strategic partnerships.

Edmonton Global welcomes Sarah Tiet as the first Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

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July 11, 2022

On July 11, Sarah Tiet will join Edmonton Global as Vice President, Strategic Partnerships.

Sarah will lead the execution of Edmonton Global’s strategic plan with a focus on building, and strengthening the organization’s partnerships across the region, across Canada, and around the globe. This new focus reflects the evolution of Edmonton Global, as it increases its efforts to enhance strategic partnerships that will boost the Edmonton Metropolitan Region’s competitiveness.

“The radical transformation of the economy of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region requires us to be intentional and strategic about the relationships that we are building,” says Malcolm Bruce, CEO of Edmonton Global. “We’re excited to have Sarah in this important role – creating connections between our organization and critical partners regionally, nationally, and internationally – especially the business community.”

Sarah comes to Edmonton Global most recently from her role as founder and president of OPTY Business Solutions Inc., where Sarah and her team worked with over 500 businesses across North America and Asia to enhance and streamline core business functions. Through this work, Sarah developed a strong network that helped grow OPTY by 50% year over year in its first four years. Recently, Sarah joined Minister Mary Ng at the World Economic Forum in Dailian, China where she was able to facilitate collaboration and meaningful connection between stakeholders.

“I am incredibly excited to join the Edmonton Global team. This position will allow me to leverage my experience and relationship building skills to foster and support the strategic partnerships that enable economic growth for the Edmonton region,” says Sarah. “No matter what business you are in, it is always strong partnerships that enable collaboration and help you thrive and excel. It’s the multiplier effect that will increase our impact.”

Sarah is a successful entrepreneur who has served clients in a variety of industries including retail, hospitality, construction trades, medical, legal, tech, international trade, real estate, and finance. Sarah is also a recipient of the 2019 Canadian Women Entrepreneurship Strategy award and is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.


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