Introducing global growth trade service.

Edmonton Global launches new Global Growth Trade Service

Published On
September 20, 2021

New program will help Edmonton region companies expand internationally and compete in global markets

Edmonton Global is pleased to announce the launch of a new program aimed at helping small and medium sized businesses in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region expand into international markets and boost their sales abroad.

Edmonton Global’s purpose is to radically transform the economy of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region and supporting the expansion of international trade within the Edmonton region’s business community is one of the ways they hope to do that. Since Edmonton Global was founded in 2019, much of the organization has been focussed on foreign investment attraction, another key priority that will grow the regional economy. This announcement is an activation of the trade strategy that was already one of the key mandates Edmonton Global was designed to deliver on.

“Many people may not realize that Canada has a relatively small domestic market. But when we view Canada from an international lens the numbers speak for themselves,” said Edmonton Global’s Executive VP, Trade & Investment, Mustafa Sahin. ”Canada’s economy ranks 11thglobally and only accounts for 1.5% of global GDP. That’s why it’s important that companies consider expanding into international markets if they want to continue to grow. The Edmonton region has an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong start up community. Our goal is to help these businesses grow and scale beyond our region, our province, and even Canada. There’s so much opportunity when companies start to explore international markets.”

The Global Growth Trade Service will have limited intake in its first year, allowing up to six regional companies to take advantage of the subsidized service.

The program, to be delivered by consultant Cheryl Lockhart of Omni Management Consulting Alliance, will offer a personlized service to companies ready to expand their trade into international markets and will work with them to plan and execute an international market entry strategy.

Cheryl is a trade expert and partner with Omni Management Consulting Alliance, as well as a Certified Management Consultant. She has been guiding Canadian businesses in international trade since 1998. For the past 16 years, Cheryl has worked directly with Canadian companies to help them expand internationally by providing solid market research, strategic planning, effective implementation support, and practical consulting advice—all customized to the company and its overall strategy and capabilities.

“When looking globally, no two business needs are the same, so I take a customized approach to their trade strategy, with a strong focus on achieving financial results as soon as possible,” says Cheryl. “We’ll get to work on an immediately actionable plan, heavy on making connections and structuring the company to take advantage of global opportunities, and less on templates and reports.”

Over the course of one year (or 60 hours), Cheryl will work one-on-one with business owners and their management teams to explore opportunities in international trade and implement customized plans.

“I think what business owners in the Edmonton region should know is that Edmonton Global is their champion in international markets. We understand how valuable international expansion can be to not only the individual businesses undertaking the export journey, but also to the regional economy. We want to encourage businesses in our region to think globally and beyond domestic markets,” said Mustafa.

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