Ciba Health embarks on partnership with Instacart following expansion into Edmonton region

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March 1, 2024

Ciba Health, a digital health platform, recently announced their collaboration with Instacart, a leading grocery delivery company in North America.  

By leveraging Instacart’s innovative platform, the partnership aims to ensure patient access to recommended items and even receive grocery stipends, enhancing the convenience of personalized health plans. By incorporating remote patient monitoring and prioritizing access and convenience, Ciba Health is committed to making healthcare more accessible and tailored to individual needs through technology and innovation. 

In July of 2023, Ciba Health announced its investment decision with the establishment of its Canadian headquarters in the Edmonton region. The strategic decision to establish headquarters in the Edmonton region reflects Ciba Health’s confidence in the region’s capabilities to support its mission of leveraging technology to enhance patient care and drive efficiencies in the healthcare system. 

As Ciba Health continues to grow its team and operations in the region, it remains committed to advancing patient care, driving economic growth, and fostering innovation in the Edmonton region. 

“Ciba Health is proud to integrate with Instacart to help address a critical aspect of healthcare – nutrition. Our collaboration aims to empower individuals battling chronic and metabolic diseases with the tools and resources they need to lead healthier lives and support those living in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region” said Dr. Innocent Clement, the CEO of Ciba Health. 

“Ciba Health’s partnership with Instacart not only demonstrates its commitment to advancing patient care but also represents a significant leap forward in enhancing the competitiveness of their platform. This collaboration holds immense promise in facilitating greater accessibility to essential healthcare services, ensuring individuals receive the timely and personalized care they deserve. Moreover, Ciba Health’s decision to headquarter in the Edmonton region is an exciting addition to our life sciences ecosystem. We look forward to continuing to watch Ciba grow from our region – an emerging hub for life science innovation and cutting-edge healthcare solutions.” said Malcolm Bruce, CEO of Edmonton Global.

About Ciba Health:  

Ciba Health is a New York-based digital health company founded in 2020, revolutionizing the care and treatment of chronic disease conditions, pre-diabetes, obesity & weight loss, type 2 diabetes and digestive health, through a patient-centered, root cause approach and a value-based care delivery model. They provide full spectrum integrated care and convenient access to a multi-disciplinary care team, leveraging cutting-edge technology to implement each patient’s personalized and whole-person care treatment plan.   

About Edmonton Global:  

The purpose of Edmonton Global is to radically transform and grow the economy of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. We are a not-for-profit corporation founded by 14 municipalities that make up the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Our focus is attracting foreign investment, helping regional businesses export with the world, enhancing our region’s global competitiveness, and bringing our region together with a unified voice to attract the attention and interest of investors the world over. 


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