Media release attracting global investment to alberta.

Attracting more global investment to Alberta

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April 26, 2023

Alberta’s government is investing $2.8 million in Calgary Economic Development and Edmonton Global to enhance investment attraction activities in Alberta

Alberta’s economy has momentum, and the government is focused on attracting investment to build the most diversified economy Alberta has ever had. Calgary Economic Development and Edmonton Global both have proven track records of sparking investment through economic development programs. This funding will enable them to strengthen and create new programs supporting trade missions, talent recruitment/retention initiatives and ecosystem/data mapping designed to increase investment in Alberta.

“We are continuing to find new ways to show businesses that our province has the most investment-friendly environment in Canada. New investors create jobs, spend capital, strengthen and diversify our economy. Both Edmonton Global and Calgary Economic Development are instrumental in attracting new investment to Alberta.”

Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Trade, Immigration and Multiculturalism

Each organization will receive a $1.4-million strategic grant to help it continue to promote Alberta as the best place in North America for businesses to grow and succeed.

“This support will help accelerate our mandate to position Calgary, and Alberta, as a destination of choice for trade and investment. Driving momentum through economic diversification, workforce development and innovation will continue to be at the forefront in building a future-proof and sustainable economy for all.”

Brad Parry, president & CEO, Calgary Economic Development


“This provincial funding will make a significant difference in attracting investment into Alberta. The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is globally competitive in so much of what the world needs: hydrogen, AI, life sciences, agriculture and global logistics. One of the region’s, and Alberta’s, biggest challenges is awareness of what’s possible here in international markets. This funding will help us build capacity, reach global investors and help us build both our trade and talent programs. It’s a huge difference-maker for our region and all of Alberta.”

Malcolm Bruce, CEO, Edmonton Global

With the province’s continued focus on attracting investment, Alberta continues to be the economic engine of Canada. The government’s commitment to low taxes and reducing red tape has created one of the friendliest environments for business, investment and jobs in North America.

Budget 2023 secures Alberta’s future by transforming the health-care system to meet people’s needs, supporting Albertans with the high cost of living, keeping our communities safe and driving the economy with more jobs, quality education and continued diversification.

Quick facts

  • Calgary Economic Development positions Calgary for long-term economic success through expanding, retaining and attracting companies, capital and talent. Its work is underpinned by Calgary’s economic strategy, Calgary in the New Economy, with the vision for Calgary to be the place where bright minds and big ideas come together with an unmatched spirit to help solve global challenges.
    • In the past three years, Calgary Economic Development has helped attract, retain or expand 173 companies and 24,066 jobs across all sectors and has supported investment attraction to the Calgary region representing more than $2.4 billion in investment, including 88 trade export deals.
  • Edmonton Global is a foreign direct investment and international business development agency that represents 14 municipalities in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.
    • Since being created in 2018, Edmonton Global has supported 28 final investment decisions in the Edmonton region representing more than $2.4 billion in investment and the creation of more than 3,500 jobs.

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Garrett Kohler


Press Secretary, Trade, Immigration and Multiculturalism

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