A man and woman standing on stairs wearing colorful socks.

A winning pair

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October 9, 2019

Solely Socks takes off on the right foot. 

Kyle and Danielle show off their collection of creative, high-quality socks

When Kyle Brown decided to start Solely Socks in 2014, his mission was simple: to create everyone’s favourite pair of socks.  

“I knew I wanted to start a business, but I wanted it to be something that was easily scalable and a lot of fun,” said Brown, who has a professional background in procurement.  

“I was at a conference and was not impressed with the socks I had on. I knew I needed to come up with a better idea and started the creative design process for Solely Socks the next day,” he said. 

Operated in Edmonton by Brown and his life and business partner, Danielle Panciroli, Solely Socks creates high-end, reinforced socks with arch support, a fitted cuff, and high-quality materials brought to life by leading knitting machines. The socks are packaged and shipped locally from Edmonton.  

All of Solely’s designs are Brown’s original creations, ranging from the artistic and sporty to creative Canadiana socks that feature the Rocky Mountains and northern lights. Brown even designed the display carousels for the socks, and used his photography skills to kickstart the brand’s online marketing efforts.  

The global sock market is no small affair — with over 50% of the world enjoying the comfort of socks in their everyday lives, luxury socks are a natural step in the growing men’s apparel market.  

Newsfeeds and social media feature photos of world leaders donning brightly designed, cheeky socks at events like the World Economic Forum, and retail networks expanding in developing economies reflect increases in disposable income for apparel. Socks have quickly shifted from everyday necessity to fashion statement. 

Women’s socks are also one of Solely’s specialties. Panciroli took note of the lack of options for women and worked to move more variety into the sales mix.  

Kyle and Danielle

“I’ve also always wanted to do children’s apparel,” says Panciroli. “We’re really open to all possibilities with the future of the business.”  

The local market in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region has been inviting for the duo, and their top-notch socks have landed in regional boutiques, shoes stores, pop-up shops, markets and ATB Financial’s showcases, to name a few.  They’ve also gifted their socks to Canadian band, The Barenaked Ladies.  

Solely Socks has expanded its business online, shipping pairs worldwide and opening up wholesale opportunities. With new markets and a growing demand for designer socks, the sky is the limit and the team are open to partnering with local entrepreneurs to get their premium brand expanding further.  

Learn more about Solely Socks at solelysocks.com