Whole food solutions

The entire value chain to support the discovery, production, and export of nutraceutical products is in the Edmonton region.

A growing market

With an estimated global market of $77 billion by 2027, combined with Canada’s high quality standards, the region represent a significant advantage in marketing nutraceutical products around the world.

Nutraceuticals – defined as food products eaten for health benefits beyond eating – can include nutrient dense products commonly known as “superfoods”. Key products produced in the Edmonton region include cannabis products, oats, and haskaps.

Nutraceuticals are part of a large and growing market in natural health products accounting for $16.4 billion annually in Canada alone. Globally, the sector has seen a compounded 10% year over year growth from 2010 to 2018.

The Edmonton region has the complete value chain including access to agricultural products, world-class agricultural and nutritional research, and industrial processing capabilities.


Canada is one of the most cannabis friendly countries in the world and Alberta is the most cannabis friendly province in Canada. With low tax rates, Alberta has supported and encouraged the growth of this industry, which has a $22 billion global market for CBD by 2026 and a 18% projected global growth of CBD nutraceuticals.

Supported by transportation capacity (rail, air, freight) and trade agreements, the Edmonton region has excellent access to international markets accounting for 51 countries, 1.5 billion people and a combined GDP of $49.3 trillion USD.

Key highlights

  • Nutraceuticals account for $16.4 billion annually in Canada alone.
  • Alberta is the most cannabis friendly province in Canada
  • The Edmonton International Airport has North America’s shortest flying times to Asia and is certified for cold supply chain including nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.