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Update on Edmonton Global’s activities during the Covid-19 pandemic

Published On
March 16, 2020

The situation across Canada, Alberta, and our region is changing rapidly. As of March 16, we have requested that staff work from home. All travel by our team has also been halted and international travel has not occurred within the past 14 days.

Unless absolutely necessary, all meetings will now be hosted virtually rather than in person. Should a meeting be required to proceed in-person, we have instituted a hand washing protocol before and after meetings, will be taking extra precautions to wipe down surfaces on a regular basis, and will be requiring social distancing. We will continue to keep careful watch on this and follow the advice of the Government of Canada and the Province of Alberta, knowing that this is a fluid situation. 

Edmonton Global has the systems and processes in place to ensure we continue to function as a high-performing team regardless of where we are individually based. As we move forward, we will be sending out updates about future meetings with partners so that collectively we continue to drive the kinds of results we are all striving for.

We will also be sharing updates as they relate to our business continuity.

Please follow us on social media and we will endeavor to provide timely and meaningful, business-focused updates.

Our team is committed to doing our part to help limit the spread and flatten the curve of Covid-19. While we are changing the way we are delivering, we remain incredibly focused on delivering results and working on behalf of our community to drive growth and investment.

We are all in this together. Thank you.