Ultra high-speed travel coming to the Edmonton region

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February 8, 2024

Could you imagine getting from Calgary to the Edmonton region in just 45 minutes? This new era of connectivity may be coming sooner than we think.

CEO Sebastien Gendron of Toronto-based startup TransPod unveiled plans earlier this year for an ultra-high-speed train that will revolutionize travel within Alberta. The project goes beyond traditional high-speed rail and is based on groundbreaking innovations in propulsion and fossil-fuel-free clean energy systems. FluxJet is a fully electric form of ground transportation that is faster than a jet and three times as fast as a high-speed train.

“Alberta’s transportation infrastructure should be built with tomorrow in mind,” says Malcolm Bruce, CEO of Edmonton Global. “The world is moving towards ultra-high-speed modes of travel – FluxJet or hyperloop-like technology, rather than standard high-speed rail. This project would mean that rather than playing catchup, we can leapfrog into the future. Connecting Edmonton’s downtown to our airport needs to be a priority.”

Construction is anticipated to commence as early as next year. “We are dividing the construction of this line into two phases,” explained Sebastien. “The first phase entails establishing the connection to Edmonton airport.”

TransPod only needs approval from the City of Edmonton for the first phase, the test track that will connect the Edmonton International Airport to downtown. For phase two, certification from Transport Canada stands as a milestone, signalling progress towards the project’s ultimate goal of connecting Calgary and Edmonton via high-speed rail.

Not only that, the province will see significant environmental benefits from the project. Every traveller who takes a round trip on the Alberta TransPod line will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions to the equivalent of planting one tree. Over the course of a year, its expected ridership will reduce CO2 emissions by 636,000 tonnes—the equivalent of 138,260 passenger cars.

Currently, TransPod is working with key stakeholders, including the City of Edmonton and Edmonton International Airport (YEG), to finalize administrative requirements. Private investors, including the Broughton Capital Group and China-East Resources Import & Export Company, have pledged US$550 million to support the 1,000 km/hr line.

Sebastien envisions a broader network, positioning Alberta as a first-mover in North American transportation innovation. The successful establishment of the inaugural corridor promises to set the stage for future expansions.

As the project’s timeline unfolds, with construction of the full inter-city line slated to begin in 2027, the tangible benefits of enhanced connectivity will no doubt accelerate economic growth in the Edmonton region and across the province.

About Transpod

TransPod, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, is developing the next generation of affordable and sustainable ultra-high-speed transportation for a better-connected, net-zero society.

TransPod is building solutions to solve mankind’s biggest upcoming challenge. The way people move is not sustainable. As the population is demanding faster deliveries and faster transport, it is critical to develop new transportation systems capable of moving people fast and clean.

Learn more about the project here.

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