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Revolutionizing Convenience: Swiss Tech Robobarista has landed in Edmonton region

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August 23, 2023

August 23rd, 2023 – The Edmonton region is now home to its first app-based cashless convenience store, Vender Convenience, which opened its doors in early July in the heart of downtown Edmonton. This revolutionary convenience store introduces cutting-edge Swiss engineering technology to the city, along with the highly anticipated SMYZE Robobarista. 

SMYZE, a well-established company from Switzerland, known for captivating beverage enthusiasts with over 10 locations, has successfully made its North American debut in Edmonton. The CEO of SMYZE, Daniel Adamec, expressed his excitement about this launch, stating that Edmonton’s vibrant coffee culture, tech-savvy community, and welcoming atmosphere make it an ideal location for introducing the Swiss Robobarista. The partnership between Vender Convenience and SMYZE promises to provide a new shopping experience, combining high-tech robotics with the art of beverage-making. 

Vender Convenience draws inspiration from cashless convenience stores in various parts of the world, including Korea, the UK, and the Emirates. The store, founded by James Johnson, implements a cashless system and expedites the purchase process, allowing customers to enjoy quick shopping without the hassle of waiting in lines. With a hybrid system, the store is staffed during the day and locked after hours, and customers can access it using the Vender Convenience app. The app provides a hassle-free shopping experience through a simple scan-in and scan-out process, eliminating the need for physical transactions. 


Edmontonians have already embraced electronic payment methods, with over 90% of Canadians using them for groceries. The app-based system of Vender Convenience allows customers to create an account, granting them easy access to the store, ensuring a seamless and convenient shopping experience. 

Edmonton Global recently conducted an interview with SMYZE, celebrating their partnership with Vender Convenience and the introduction of the Robobarista to the North American market. The city of Edmonton is recognized as a high-tech hub, making it a perfect location for pioneering technologies like the SMYZE Robobarista. 

With the SMYZE Robobarista now operational, Vender Convenience is ready to cater to Edmonton’s vibrant coffee and beverage scene, offering an extraordinary and efficient experience to all who enter the store. As Edmonton embraces this cutting-edge technology, it solidifies its position as a forward-thinking city with a passion for innovation. 

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“Edmonton is a big-league city. There are over a million people in the region, and it is a high-tech hub. It always made sense to try something cutting-edge right here at home. This is the application of technology in a real-world space. I’m excited to partner with SMYZE as they make their North American debut right here in downtown Edmonton. A city like Edmonton is ideal for testing out rarely seen, leading-edge technology like the SMYZE Robotic Barista.”  

James Johnson, CEO, Vender Convenience

“[Edmonton’s] vibrant coffee culture, tech-savvy community, and welcoming atmosphere made it an ideal location for us at SMYZE to introduce our Swiss Robobarista. We believe that Edmonton’s residents will embrace our Robobarista technology and share our passion for beverages. We are excited to contribute to the city’s thriving coffee and beverage scene. When considering where to launch and scale the Robobarista, Edmonton stood out as the perfect city.”

Daniel Adamec, CEO, SMYZE 

About SMYZE: 

SMYZE, established in 2020, has expanded to over 10 different locations, captivating beverage enthusiasts across Switzerland. Combining advanced robotics with the art of beverage-making, SMYZE delivers the right drink at the right moment and has gained a reputation for consistently delivering customers their favourite drinks. 

About Vender Convenience: 

Vender Convenience is an app-based, cashless convenience store located downtown in Edmonton, Alberta. It is open 24-7, 365 days a year. The store focuses on providing convenience and grocery items without any line-ups, offering a quick and efficient shopping experience to customers through their app. 

About Edmonton Global: 

Edmonton Global’s purpose is to radically transform and grow the economy of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. As a not-for-profit corporation founded by 14 municipalities, their focus is on attracting foreign investment, enhancing regional businesses’ global competitiveness, and uniting the region with a unified voice to attract investors from around the world. 


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