Reflecting on upper bound 2023 edmonton global.

Reflecting on UpperBound 2023

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July 4, 2023

Edmonton’s highly anticipated Upper Bound conference, organized by Amii, was recently held from May 23 to 26. This event brought together researchers, innovators, students, and industry leaders from around the globe. 

The conference provided an immersive experience for AI experts and enthusiasts, offering insightful presentations on AI and Machine Learning (ML) integration into various topics such as reinforcement learning, AI in the workplace, chatbots, and healthcare. Engaging demonstrations, thought-provoking panels, coffee catchups, and interactive sessions were held during the conference. 

One of the highlights of the event was a keynote speech delivered by Richard Sutton, a pioneer of reinforcement learning. His role is a Canada CIFAR AI chair and chief scientific advisor at Amii.

This four-day event really did take over the city with events taking place at over 20 locations around Edmonton and virtually on zoom. For four days, the Edmonton region was truly the epicentre of AI knowledge and expertise. 


The remarkable progress of students was showcased through various poster sessions at the Edmonton Convention Center. From groundbreaking research to innovative applications of AI, participants connected and shared their ideas. The conference left a lasting impression and fueled the excitement around AI innovation. 


Upper Bound 2023 conference served as a catalyst for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation for those inside and external to the AI community.  


You can watch livestreams from UpperBound here


In addition to UpperBound 2023, Amii and AltaML recently hosted a luncheon panel called AI + The Future of Marketing. In a rapidly evolving business landscape driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), marketers face new challenges and exciting opportunities. This event brought together industry experts who shared invaluable insights into the ethical considerations, potential opportunities, and AI tools that will shape the future of marketing. 

The panel featured experts in the field, including Alona Fyshe, Marcin Mizianty, Micah Slavens, and Lindsay Sylvester. Their diverse backgrounds provided a comprehensive view of AI integration into today’s marketing strategies. Alona Fyshe, an Amii fellow and Canada Cifar AI Chair, offered a unique perspective on AI’s role in marketing. Marcin Mizianty, VP of Data Science at AltaML, brought insights from his experience in software engineering and intelligent systems. Micah Slavens, Principal of Lift Interactive, showcased the transformative potential of AI tools in web applications. Lindsay Sylvester, Director of Marketing Operations at Amii, combined her marketing skills with a passion for AI and machine learning. 


The panel discussion delved into several vital themes that will shape the future of marketing in this AI-driven era. Balancing personalization and privacy emerged as a recurring topic. The panellists also highlighted the vast opportunities AI presents for marketers, including predictive analytics, customer segmentation, and enhancing overall customer experiences. They shared their experiences with AI tools, emphasizing efficiency in areas such as automated content creation and data-driven decision-making. Notable tools like DALL-E and ChatGPT were recognized for their impact on marketing strategies.  


The panel concluded with a discussion on how marketers can best prepare for the evolving AI landscape, emphasizing continuous learning, staying updated on emerging AI trends, and embracing AI-driven innovation as critical factors for success. 

Alyssa Linford