Puravia selects edmonton region for expanded vitamin b3.

NEWS RELEASE: Puravita Selects Edmonton Region for Expanded Operations

Health and Life Sciences
Published On
August 10, 2023

Puravita aims for global reach in the pharmaceutical market by expanding operations to the Edmonton region 

August 8th, 2023 [Edmonton Metropolitan Region]Canadian vitamin manufacturer, Puravita, has announced plans to expand its manufacturing operations from Ontario into the Edmonton region. The initial phase of the project will occupy a 2,700-square-foot space hiring five new employees, with plans for future expansion in the coming years.  

Puravita has secured a location in South Edmonton for its new facility, with construction scheduled to begin soon. This move will foster future growth opportunities with current projects lined up in Mexico and Saudi Arabia. 


Tarik Alatassi, founder of Puravita, chose the Edmonton region’s access to affordable space and quality pharmaceutical and manufacturing talent and how it aligns with Puravita’s commitment to quality and innovation were leading factors influencing Puravita’s relocation. The strategic location of the Edmonton region with access to the Port of Prince Rupert opens excellent opportunities for Puravita to efficiently serve international markets. Moreover, Edmonton International Airport’s CEIV certification, which ensures seamless handling and transportation of pharmaceutical products, further enhances Puravita’s global logistics capabilities. 

Puravita’s expansion is expected to result in projected revenues exceeding $1 million dollars. By taking Canadian brands internationally, Puravita hopes to attract support of local and federal governments to continue to boost the economy and diversify the market. 

Tarik Alatassi shared his excitement for the company’s future, stating, “Our main goal is to take Canadian brands to a global audience. Puravita has achieved success in UAE and Saudi Arabia, and we aim to expand our brand globally while offering services to local and international companies.”  

Having already established a customer base in Qatar, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam, Puravita continues to position itself as a lead exporter of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products, further strengthening its global presence through the Edmonton region. The company successfully launched 29 registered products in three different countries and aspires to expand to more countries. 


“We are excited about Puravita’s decision to join the Edmonton region, as it marks another pivotal step towards establishing Edmonton as a pharmaceutical hub. With competitive costs, a skilled workforce, and seamless access to global markets through Port of Prince Rupert and CEIV certification at Edmonton International Airport, this strategic move solidifies the Edmonton region’s position as a vital link in the global pharmaceutical supply chain. The expansion of Puravita’s operations here will further cement our region’s growth in the health and life sciences sector. We are excited about the possibilities this collaboration brings and the positive impact it will have on our community and beyond.” 

Malcolm Bruce, CEO Edmonton Global 


“The City of Edmonton is excited to welcome Puravita to the Edmonton region, and we know that this ambitious organization will fit right into our region’s burgeoning pharmaceutical and health sciences sector. In establishing a new facility in Edmonton, Puravita is supporting the City’s goals of diversifying our economy, attracting talent and strengthening the global presence of the Edmonton region. I look forward to learning more about the future growth opportunities that Puravita has the potential to foster in our city, and know that together, we can build an economically thriving Edmonton for all of us.” 

 Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, City of Edmonton 


Edmonton’s diversified economy, fueled by its dynamic industries, creates a thriving environment for innovation and opportunities for businesses like mine. In Edmonton, I see limitless opportunities to continuously develop and prosper. That’s why Edmonton is home.” 

 Tarik Alatassi, founder of Puravita 

Alyssa Linford