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MEDIA RELEASE – Silicon Valley’s Level 42AI brings Vibrome to Edmonton region

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September 21, 2022


Silicon Valley Deep-tech and AI laboratory brings new MedTech and health innovations to Edmonton Metropolitan Region

September 20, 2022 (Edmonton Metropolitan Region) – Silicon Valley, MedTech company Level 42 AI, Inc (Level 42, CA, USA) has chosen the Edmonton region as the home for its new digital health subsidiary, Vibrome Ltd., the company announced today.

Level 42 AI – is a boutique deep-tech and AI innovation laboratory that has developed novel sensors and algorithms to “see”, “hear”, “touch”, and “feel” health information hidden in plain sight in the “noise” around us.

Vibrome Ltd., will transition Level 42 AI breakthrough technologies into fit-for-purpose solutions for health promotion in aging-in-place/seniors’ long-term care, and veterinary/animal care. By harnessing “noise” in health screening and early diagnostic signals, Vibrome, Ltd will enable a paradigm shift from reactive “sick care” to “proactive/preventive health care” for Albertans.

Level 42 AI will jump start Vibrome, Ltd.’s activities in the region by providing financial support, technical support, and transferring hardware and software solutions for customization and optimization. Vibrome, Ltd plans to hire local leadership, technical and administrative staff, creating up to 10 jobs in its first year with an initial investment of $500,000 plus.

Edmonton Global has played a pivotal role, along with ST Innovations from the University of Alberta, in supporting Vibrome, Ltd initiate activities in the Edmonton region through inbound visits from their CEO, touring the ecosystem and leveraging local networks to showcase the region as the best place to establish a Canadian subsidiary.

“Alberta’s tech and innovation sector has momentum and it is so exciting to see another company choose to invest in the Edmonton region. Vibrome’s presence and work in the health tech space is a vote of confidence in the growth of Edmonton as a tech city. I look forward to seeing the progress and solutions that will come from Vibrome and its team over the coming years.” – Minister Tanya Fir, Minister, Jobs, Economy & Innovation

“The Edmonton region is home to many innovative companies like Vibrome, who are finding creative ways to advance life sciences by way of state-of-the-art technology. As our homegrown tech and innovation industry continues to evolve and expand in the region, we are on a promising trajectory towards achieving our post-pandemic economic recovery goals. This is a very exciting time for our region.” — Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, Mayor of the City of Edmonton

“Edmonton is securing its place as an inclusive global innovation capital – a city of innovators tackling the world’s thorniest problems, including public health. With skilled local talent and world-class artificial intelligence and life sciences expertise, it absolutely makes sense that Vibrome Ltd. chose Edmonton as their new home. Their work will further amplify our city on a global stage.” – Catherine Warren, CEO, Innovate Edmonton

“As the Edmonton region continues to position itself as an AI leader in Canada, companies like Vibrome are creating ground-breaking innovations in the medical field, creating exciting new jobs, partnerships and operations to support innovation in life sciences.” – Malcolm Bruce, CEO of Edmonton Global

“Level 42 AI chose to set up Vibrome, Ltd., in the Edmonton region for several reasons including:

  • An innovation focus on finding a path to reduce Alberta’s ballooning healthcare costs sustainably through technology,
  • The University of Alberta (UofA)’s ST Innovations/SMART Network’s record of success in collaborating with local and international startups,
  • The region’s talent pool and low cost of doing business, and
  • The region’s connection to world markets via Port Alberta’s transportation logistics and supply chain advantages.

By the mid-2040s, 1 in 5 Albertans will be over the age of 65, and nearly 4% will be over the age of 85. Vibrome, Ltd solutions for aging-in-place are aimed at AI-driven smart home services, acute and chronic health smart alarms, and self-directed care, and loneliness/isolation management including pet health care.” – Shasha Jumbe, CEO, Level 42 AI

“We are looking forward to contributing to Edmonton’s growing innovation economy, by providing truly disruptive technology that is able to improve health outcomes and overall well-being. Vibrome’s California-based sister company – Level 42 AI – expansion into our region will undoubtedly stimulate additional opportunities, as our ties with Silicon Valley strengthen.” -Jonathan Butterworth, Managing Director, Vibrome

Quick facts:

  • The vibrome™(a novel term) encompasses audible/inaudible sound, visible/invisible light, palpable/imperceptible signals, electric signals underlying vital tissue activity, plus behaviorome (quantification of behaviors) and environmentome (quantification of environmental and social determinants of health)] data beyond human or instrument perception that are commonly undetected, discarded, or ignored as “noise”.
  • Vibrome, Ltd., plans to hire local leadership, technical and administrative staff, creating up to 10 jobs in its first year with an initial investment of $500,000 from Level 42 AI, Inc.
  • Vibrome Ltd., will initially focus on bringing to the market fit-for-purpose solutions for — a) aging-in-place/seniors’ long-term care, and b) veterinary/animal care.

About Vibrome/Level 42AI

Vibrome, Ltd offers digital solutions that blend cutting-edge technology with the greatest caregivers to allow seniors and their pets to age in place with dignity.

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