Edmonton Global’s statement on shareholder decisions to withdraw 

Published On
December 13, 2023

Updated December 19, 2023 (Edmonton Metropolitan Region) – In the past weeks, five municipalities have voted to withdraw from Edmonton Global. Municipalities that have notified Edmonton Global of their intention to withdraw include Strathcona County, Sturgeon County, the City of Fort Saskatchewan, the Town of Devon, and Parkland County. These decisions will kick off a two-year off-boarding process. Until this process is complete, all three municipalities will continue in their role as full shareholders of Edmonton Global and will receive the same privileges and support as every one of our shareholder municipalities.

We know that these decisions were not taken lightly. Ideally, funding for Edmonton Global is seen as an investment in the economic well-being of the entire Edmonton Metropolitan Region rather than a cost line item. Investing in attracting investment is a way to grow and diversify our local economy and increase the corporate tax base that municipalities can draw from, thereby increasing their revenues.

“We are very grateful for the founding role that all of these municipalities played in establishing Edmonton Global and in moving regional collaboration forward. As Edmonton Global’s Board, we remain steadfastly focused on regional collaboration and driving positive results for the entire Edmonton Metropolitan Region. We sincerely hope that over time, these shareholders will reconsider their decision and again take up their roles as active shareholders of Edmonton Global for the long term.” – Enzo J. Barichello, K.C., Edmonton Global Board Chair

At any time within the two-year off-boarding process, a municipality can reverse their decision and decide to remain as a shareholder. Since Edmonton Global was established, three municipalities have voted to withdraw, two of which ultimately decided to reverse their decision and remain as shareholders.

About Edmonton Global:

The purpose of Edmonton Global is to radically transform and grow the economy of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. We are a not-for-profit corporation founded by 14 municipalities that make up the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Our focus is attracting foreign investment, helping regional businesses export with the world, enhancing our region’s global competitiveness, and bringing our region together with a unified voice to attract the attention and interest of investors the world over.


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