Media release protein industries canada launch ai training program for plant - based training for growing plant sector.

MEDIA RELEASE: Amii and Protein Industries Canada launch national AI training program for plant-based sector

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June 27, 2023

Amii and Protein Industries Canada recently announced the launch of the Data Readiness Improvement Program (DRIP), a national training program focused on supporting companies to increase their AI literacy and preparedness in Canada’s plant-based food, feed, and ingredients sector. 

The DRIP program will be held as two virtual, three-month AI training and foundation-building cohorts of approximately five companies. Amii provides expertise, including curriculum specific to Canada’s plant-based sector, and the opportunity for participating companies to identify specific business problems and how artificial intelligence can help solve them under the guidance of interdisciplinary teams. Participants will emerge from the program with a validated project that includes established trajectories for solving a specific business problem using artificial intelligence. Upon completion, companies will be well-positioned to undertake successful ML development projects further supported by the Protein Industries Canada Artificial Intelligence Program.  

Participants will learn how AI can help them gain a better understanding of their data, improve productivity, optimize production, and empower their teams with in-demand AI literacy skills and tools — giving companies a leading edge in a rapidly growing and competitive sector. 

This program will also allow for the development of the potential for plant proteins. Overall, Canada is the world’s largest pulse exporter ($7.5B), as well as the world’s largest canola exporter ($4.45B). Alberta exported $1.25 billion CAD in agri-food products to Japan in 2018, it is the third largest market for agri-food products after the U.S. and China. With an abundant supply of plant proteins and an integrated supply chain to move products to consumers – the Edmonton Metropolitan Region is poised to dominate this global industry. Large-scale agriculture, concentration of R&D facilities, and a strong AI knowledge base attract investments into the region. The sector generated $14.6 billion in sales and employed 22,400+ individuals in Alberta. The more experts we have in this field, the faster we can grow and improve.

“Amii has a proven track record working in agriculture. This partnership is an exciting opportunity to work with Protein Industries Canada to offer our world-leading expertise at the intersection of agriculture and machine learning to plant-based companies nationwide.” 

Cam Linke, CEO of Amii 


“There’s an opportunity for artificial intelligence to help Canada’s plant-based companies reach the sector’s sustainability and economic goals, and the best way they can do that is to ensure they have the proper tools, skills and talent in place to properly utilize such technology.” 

Bill Greuel, CEO of Protein Industries Canada 


About Amii

One of Canada’s three centres of AI excellence as part of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, Amii (the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute) is an Alberta-based non-profit institute that supports world-leading research in artificial intelligence and machine learning and translates scientific advancement into industry adoption. Amii grows AI capabilities through advancing leading-edge research, delivering exceptional educational offerings and providing business advice – all with the goal of building in-house AI capabilities. For more information, visit 

About Protein Industries Canada 

Protein Industries Canada is an industry-led, not-for-profit organization committed to positioning Canada as a global source of high-quality plant-based food and ingredients. Protein Industries Canada, along with the industry, has committed more than $485 million to the Canadian plant-protein sector. For more information, visit

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