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Labatt Edmonton Brewery positioned for the future with $69.2 million expansion

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August 9, 2021

From left to right: MLA Nate Horner, Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson, Minister Devin Dreeshen, Minister Travis Toews, Labatt President Kyle Norrington


Labatt Breweries celebrated a significant $69.2 million investment into the Edmonton Metropolitan Region today. Part of the company’s $119 million province-wide capital investment program, this expansion promises jobs, innovation, and prosperity.  

A total of $69.2 million will be invested as an expansion into the Edmonton brewery, directly creating 25 new local jobs and setting the brewery up to address the changing consumer market. It includes new technology, equipment, product lines and upgrades to the brewhouse and control room, training, as well as 30,000 square-feet of new warehouse space.  

Edmonton Global board member Traci Bednard acted as master of ceremonies for the event

This expansion means increasingly popular ready-to-drink brands like Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Palm Bay, Okanagan Cider, American Vintage and soon, NUTRL Vodka Soda will be produced locally in Edmonton, by Albertans.  

“It really positions the brewery for the future, allowing us to produce these brands that are in high demand and continuing to grow across the west and across North America,” said Peter Delamont, general manager of the Labatt Edmonton Brewery.  

Labatt has a strong history in the Edmonton region that goes back to the construction of their brewery in 1963. Since the brewery’s opening in 1964, Labatt‘s has brewed here for almost 60 years. The company has always been a key player of the provincial economy—today, it employs 190 Albertans, services 3,000 retail outlets, bars and restaurants across the province, and works with 144 local suppliers.  

“As the province continues its post-pandemic recovery, this investment is one more step in the right direction, with new jobs, economic growth and the type of innovation that continues to make Alberta a great place to live, work and do business,” said Kyle Norrington, President of Labatt Breweries.  

“We’ve worked closely with the team at Labatt over the last 18 months to make this investment a reality,” said Edmonton Global CEO, Malcolm Bruce. “And we recognize the tremendous value the company brings in terms of jobs, growth, and spirit. We raise a glass to Labatt for consistently choosing the region to be a center for its business.”