Air products announces a new project in the edmonton area.

MEDIA RELEASE: New funding advances landmark hydrogen project in the Edmonton region

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November 7, 2022

November 7, 2022 (Edmonton Metropolitan Region) – Today, the Government of Canada announced that Air Products, a world leader in hydrogen production, will receive $300 million in funding to support building the world’s largest net-zero hydrogen facility in the Edmonton region. This announcement, along with the $161 million in funding that Air Products received from the Alberta Petrochemicals Incentive Program, is a key milestone and will allow the company to move forward with construction.

The project, announced in June 2021, represents a $1.6 billion investment and will create an estimated 4,760 direct, indirect, and induced jobs for the Edmonton region over the next couple of years, according to a 2022 study commissioned by Edmonton Global. This facility is projected to be fully operational in 2024.  Once operational, the project will contribute an estimated $809 million to our regional GDP.

The project relies on an innovative combination of well-established technologies that will produce net-zero hydrogen that can be used as an energy source for a number of applications that are difficult to de-carbonize, including heavy-duty transportation, steel production, glass production, home and industrial heating and others.

Air Products chose the Edmonton region for this project because of its access to abundant and low-cost natural resources, extensive infrastructure, highly skilled workforce, and innovative spirit to be a model for other jurisdictions around the globe. As Canada’s first established hydrogen hub, the Edmonton region is set to become the driving force for Canada’s hydrogen economy and will support the country in meeting its net-zero commitments.

“Today’s announcement brings us one step closer to becoming a more climate-resilient city. The facility will produce clean hydrogen for key Canadian Industrial sectors, such as the growing transportation market. This investment will help Edmonton’s post-pandemic recovery efforts and will allow Canada to advance clean energy by securing an early foothold in the global hydrogen market. Edmonton is leading the way in Climate resilience and achieving net zero, and this announcement is an important step forward.” Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, City of Edmonton

“The hydrogen economy is a reality in our region. We already produce close to 60% of all the hydrogen in Canada, and this project is about to increase that – dramatically. By securing this funding, Air Products can break ground on this world-scale project. This investment is a clear signal to the investment community that there is broad support from all levels of government for the hydrogen economy. Our region is at the centre of Canada’s hydrogen economy, and we’re aggressively driving for more.” Malcolm Bruce, CEO of Edmonton Global

Quick facts:

  • Air Products’ hydrogen facility is envisioned to reach over 1,500 tonnes of hydrogen production per day and achieve greater than three million tonnes per year of CO2 capture.
  • Hydrogen will help to meet society’s need for sustainable transportation, especially for heavy-duty vehicles where hydrogen excels compared to other technologies.
  • Hydrogen has a substantial technological advantage over battery electric vehicles in heavy-duty applications due to those vehicles’ duty cycles, especially in Canada’s extreme climate conditions.
  • Hydrogen as a transportation fuel most closely mirrors the traditional consumer transportation fuel experience, and Air Products has been a pioneer in this area for decades.
  • The company’s technologies are used in over 1.5 million refuellings annually across 20 countries, with Air Products having been involved in over 250 projects. This project in the Edmonton region will be the largest net-zero hydrogen facility in the world.


Learn more about the hydrogen economy in Canada and the Edmonton Region by attending the Canadian Hydrogen Convention, April 25-27 2023.

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