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EY Report on Economic Development and Innovation

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December 10, 2019

Earlier today, the City of Edmonton released a report from EY regarding Edmonton Global, the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, and Tech Innovation.

Edmonton Global’s comments on the report:

  • The report reinforces Edmonton Global’s mandate: regional foreign direct investment (FDI) and trade.
  • Edmonton Global supports changes that add clarity to the investor community, to our partners around the world, and to businesses within our region.
  • Global competition for investment is incredibly fierce. Right now, international investors and local businesses are uncertain about who does what. Uncertainty has a cost.

The ultimate purpose of Edmonton Global is to radically transform and grow the economy of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region – to harmonize efforts and our story, and to be globally relevant and prosperous for generations to come. No organization can do that alone. We believe that City Council is showing considerable leadership on this and we are committed to working collaboratively on building a framework capable of facilitating transformative change for our region. These are complex and important issues. Decisions shouldn’t be rushed.

We will support Edmonton City Council’s decisions on next steps and continue to work collaboratively with partners across the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

The EY report is available on the City of Edmonton website (http://sirepub.edmonton.ca/sirepub/agdocs.aspx?doctype=agenda&itemid=75630).

Edmonton Global will be available for comment on the report once Edmonton City Council has completed its deliberations and a path forward is identified.

Edmonton Global


Chris McLeod, MBA
Director, Marketing & Communications