On-Demand Webinar: Driving into the Future: The Resurrection of Hydrogen

Driving into the Future: The Resurrection of Hydrogen – An On-Demand Webinar

Published On
December 18, 2023

In this webinar, “Driving into the Future: The Resurrection of Hydrogen”, panelists, including Brent Lakeman from Edmonton Global, discuss the emerging role of hydrogen-powered mobility and explore the potential of low carbon hydrogen in heavy-duty trucking, aviation, and energy storage.

This discussion among Dr. Emily Yedinak, Technical Analyst – Koloma, Tatsuya Ishigaki, Spokesperson – Lexus/Toyota R&D, Brent Lakeman, Director – Hydrogen Initiative Edmonton Global,  Jim Nebergall, General Manager of the Hydrogen Engine Business – Cummins Inc. and David Booth, Senior Writer – Driving.ca focuses on:

  1. Is hydrogen-powered mobility finally coming of age?
  2. How does it go mainstream and how quickly can it get there?
  3. What are hydrogen’s advantages and disadvantages and which segments are most compatible with hydrogen powertrains and infrastructure?
  4. Who in Canada is advancing the technology and infrastructure for it to be relevant to average consumer vehicles?

For detailed insights, watch the full webinar here.

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