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Correct-AI is bringing Edmonton region AI to the global industry

AI and Technology
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June 3, 2022

Artificial intelligence is not the first thing to come to mind when talking about the heavy-duty equipment industry, but Correct-AI is changing that by helping transform the industry and bringing global attention to the Edmonton region’s expertise in AI technology.

Building strong partnerships

Correct-AI has built several impressive partnerships with industry leaders over the years, validating their technological expertise and building trust in their technologies. Correct-AI is innovating worksite safety, and its efforts are being widely recognized. 

With many governments announcing major investments in infrastructure, including a $1.4 billion highway construction project announcement in Alberta, companies like Correct-AI are being given a ton of opportunity to prove their value to the heavy machinery and construction industries.. The Edmonton region includes a number of established construction companies, providing a built-in customer base for Correct-AI and a natural testing site to develop their technology. 

At the same time, recent distribution deals signed by Correct-AI are expanding the reach of their technologies and bringing them into the global market. 

Correct-AI was recently recognized as one of the Top 5 Robot AI Solutions by StartUs Insights! StartUs Insights empowers people across the world by providing access to information on innovation as well as emerging companies and technologies. Through their StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, they’ve covered over two million startups globally, and Correct-AI proudly comes in at the very top. 

Why the Edmonton region?

“Being located in one of the world’s top artificial intelligence centres has its advantages,” says co-founder and CEO Siamak Akhlagi.  Ranked 3rd globally for AI research, the University of Alberta offers top-tier tech talent to support Correct-AI’s product development, and their collaborative relationships with professors have a direct connection to the growing amounts of recruitable talent coming out of Edmonton. 

Siamak also believes the Edmonton region is the place to be because it offers the perfect conditions to test and demonstrate the range of their product capabilities—extreme cold in the winter and hot summer weather. This helps prove technological reliability across climates. 

Learn more about Edmonton region tech at NanoCanada’s From Earth to Space conference

Alberta is emerging as a leader in tech and clean energy innovations, and the Edmonton region is at the centre of it all — especially when it comes to deep tech like nano, quantum, and artificial intelligence. Next week the NanoCanada conference will bring nano and deep tech innovators from around the globe to the Edmonton region to establish and strengthen collaboration and conversations within this exciting field. 

The conference will examine the impact of quantum, nanotech, biotech, and artificial intelligence technologies. The conference seeks to spark conversations about health, sustainability, the future and how deep tech and nanotechnology drive them forward

Industry leaders, experts and innovators will join Edmonton Global on June 8th and 9th for fireside chats and panel discussions from inside the conference. Stay tuned to Edmonton Global’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to learn more about what experts are saying as we live stream the conversation.