(left): Malcolm Bruce, CEO, Edmonton Global; Hana Marinkovich, VP, Corporate Affairs, API; Councilor Tim Cartmell, City of Edmonton; Hon. Matt Jones, Minister of Jobs, Economy, and Trade

Celero Global to establish headquarters in the Edmonton region

Health and Life Sciences
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September 26, 2023

Edmonton, AB [September 26, 2023]Celero Global, a leading Clinical Research Organization (CRO), is announcing its intention to establish its North American headquarters in the Edmonton region. This significant move demonstrates Celero Global’s commitment to advancing healthcare through clinical research globally. They are currently incorporated in Alberta. 

Edmonton’s research landscape in oncology, diabetes, and other areas of the life sciences sector captured Celero Global’s attention and have contributed to their decision for where they wanted to invest. Additionally, Celero is particularly keen on studying diverse communities, including Indigenous populations. Alberta Health Services, which is headquartered in Edmonton, is Canada’s largest single healthcare system, including 4.5 million diverse health records. The Edmonton region’s unique advantages, including affordability, a wealth of expertise and talent, and a gold standard for care, make it an irresistible location for Celero Global’s clinical trials. Once Celero Global secures contracts to conduct clinical trials in Alberta, they will begin hiring local talent. Each clinical trial can create between five and 50 new jobs. 

The Celero executive team has experience in 80 trials across multiple clinical development phases (P1-P4) in more than 25 countries (APAC, LATAM, MEA, Eurasia, EU, Central & Eastern Europe). Celero Global plays a pivotal role in facilitating product sales for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Their experts possess deep-rooted expertise across diverse therapeutic areas, ensuring adherence to FDA, EMA, and ISO standards, encompassing Infectious and Immunology, Rare and Genetic Diseases, Oncology & Medical Devices. 

With Celero’s mission being “Serving biotech by navigating their way,” this service is particularly vital for startups and organizations lacking in-house capabilities for these crucial processes.  Additionally, Celero Global’s commitment to supporting small and medium-sized biotech companies through cost-effective phase-one clinical trials further solidifies its role in promoting Canada’s expertise to biotechs and promising SMEs.  

(left): Malcolm Bruce, CEO, Edmonton Global; Hana Marinkovich, VP, Corporate Affairs, API; Councilor Tim Cartmell, City of Edmonton; Hon. Matt Jones, Minister of Jobs, Economy, and TradeCaption: (left) Malcolm Bruce, CEO, Edmonton Global; Hana Marinkovich, VP, Corporate Affairs, API; Councilor Tim Cartmell, City of Edmonton; Hon. Matt Jones, Minister of Jobs, Economy, and Trade


“Our decision to establish our headquarters in the Edmonton region reflects our belief in its growing importance as a hub for innovation and research in the life sciences sector. The region’s diversity allows us to conduct high-quality, accelerated, and cost-controlled clinical trials with a wide range of participants, improving our research’s inclusivity and relevance, particularly for indigenous communities. Leveraging local expertise, advanced healthcare infrastructure, and collaborative opportunities with established research institutions in the region further bolster the trials’ efficiency and effectiveness, fostering a rich environment for innovation while also significantly benefiting from regulatory support and favourable policies that encourage scientific advancement and ensure stringent adherence to ethical standards.” 

  • Adham Rezk, CEO, Celero Global


 Celero Global’s choice to select Alberta for its first North American expansion reaffirms Alberta’s standing as a world class hub for the life sciences sector, creating more high-quality jobs for Albertans. Our province is the best place to live, work, invest, and raise a family, and international companies like Celero Global are choosing Alberta for its business-friendly policies and highly skilled labour force. 

  • Hon. Matt Jones, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade 


“Celero Global’s choice to establish their headquarters in the Edmonton region is a testament to the strength and potential of our local economy. As a leading life sciences and innovation nucleus, Celero will not only create local job opportunities, but will contribute to the innovation ecosystem that is driving our region forward. Their commitment to investing in the Edmonton region is helping to position us as a global hub for life sciences and clinical research excellence. I look forward to seeing the positive impact their expansion will have on our community and economy.”

  • Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, City of Edmonton


“Celero Global’s operations have the potential to make a significant impact on the Edmonton region’s economy. With an average clinical trial costing about $15 million, $9 million of that goes directly back into the regional economy. The Edmonton region continues to gain global recognition as a thriving innovation and research hub in the life sciences sector. The Edmonton region includes world-class research facilities, innovative companies doing drug discovery, and world-renowned researchers, making Celero Global’s role in facilitating clinical trials a great fit for our life sciences ecosystem.” 

  • Malcolm Bruce, CEO, Edmonton Global 


Celero’s expertise and support in clinical trial services is a welcome addition to Alberta’s health and life sciences ecosystem, reinforcing the province as a leading destination for clinical trials. Alberta Innovates has laid the foundation for a connected province through initiatives like the Alberta Clinical Research Consortium (ACRC), Clinical Trials Alberta, and the Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta (HREBA), along with substantial investments in digital health research. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Celero to continue building capacity and draw more clinical trials to Alberta”  

  •  Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates   


About Celero Global

 Celero Global is a foremost Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that specializes in conducting innovative clinical trials for healthcare products, with a focus on infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, and oncology. The company is dedicated to advancing healthcare through investment-oriented clinical research, industry expertise, and the inclusion of diverse patient populations globally. 

At Celero, we are committed to providing high-quality, accelerated, and cost-controlled clinical trial services through a collaborative partnership model. In a landscape where 85% to 90% of clinical trials fail, resulting in substantial loss of resources and funding, it becomes paramount to think ahead about securing a foothold in future market share.  Our global experts hold unique expertise in the development and registration of vaccines and biologic drugs. The executive team at Celero boasts experience in facilitating 80 trials across various clinical development phases (P1-P4) in over 25 countries, spanning regions such as APAC, LATAM, MEA, Eurasia, the EU, and Central & Eastern Europe.  We offer consulting services tailored to optimize the return on investment from clinical trials. This includes enhancing transparency and speeding up the registration process to prevent losses and maintain a competitive edge.  If your pipeline products stand out in terms of innovation, efficacy, safety profiles, and possess distinct clinical differentiators, we are open and eager to discuss potential collaborations. 

About Edmonton Global:  

The purpose of Edmonton Global is to radically transform and grow the economy of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. We are a not-for-profit corporation founded by 14 municipalities that make up the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Our focus is attracting foreign investment, helping regional businesses export with the world, enhancing our region’s global competitiveness, and bringing our region together with a unified voice to attract the attention and interest of investors the world over. 


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