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BioNeutra to develop new ‘gut health’ nutraceutical products

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March 2, 2021

Canadian research organizations to provide funding for the multi-phase project

BioNeutra Global Corporation has announced the launch of a multi-phase research project funded by three of the nation’s leading research organizations to aid in the development of new better-for-you ‘gut health’ products. BioNeutra is receiving advisory services and research and development funding from the National Research Council Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) as well as funding from the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and Alberta Innovates.

BioNeutra President and CEO, Dr. Jianhua Zhu says, “Canada’s long tradition of collaboration between government, industry and academia has helped make this country a leader in scientific innovation. We are grateful for the support from NRC’S IRAP, NSERC and Alberta Innovates.” The goal of the multi-phase project is to develop more health benefits for VitaFiber® IMO – the Company’s award-winning lead product which has gained popularity on four continents with manufacturers of protein bars, ice cream, yogurts, beverages and confectionaries.

The research will be conducted at the University of Alberta, the AgriFood Discovery Place and BioNeutra’s laboratories and is focused on the further development of gut health benefits for its products and is part of the Company’s ongoing multi-million dollar research program. The project will be led by three PhDs and include a team of five researchers. The Canada Research Chair in Food Microbiology and Probiotics, Professor Michael Gänzle, will lead the NSERC funded project at the University of Alberta.

VitaFiber® IMO is a natural, lower calorie, plant-based, nutritious alternative sweetener that is also a prebiotic and soluble dietary fiber and helps with digestive issues and weight management. BioNeutra calls it its ‘3 in 1’ triple action product. VitaFiber has been approved for sale by the world’s top three health regulators – the US-FDA, the European Food Safety Authority and Health Canada.

BioNeutra currently employs six PhDs with diverse international backgrounds in biochemistry, organic and carbohydrate chemistry and nutritional science. Collectively they hold nine international patents, held research fellowships or taught as professors or lecturers at universities or academic institutions in five countries and worked for seven biotechnology companies.

About BioNeutra

BioNeutra is an award-winning, sector leading Canadian company in the business of research and development, production and commercialization of ingredients for nutraceutical, functional and mainstream foods and beverages with a focus on its lead product – VitaFiber® IMO. BioNeutra’s gaol is improve consumer nutrition and public health.

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