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Autonomous vehicles are hitting the streets — changing the way we do business and bringing more convenience to people around the globe. The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is at the forefront of this tech revolution given its background in artificial intelligence. Machine learning is the backbone of self-driving autonomous vehicles, and the research conducted here is propelling new developments in AI. The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is a driving force in the world of transportation and logistics — with artificial intelligence at the wheel.

Support network: 

  • University of Alberta – Centre for Smart Transportation

    The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta’s Centre for Smart Transportation is developing connected vehicle technology, allowing vehicles to “speak” with each other and with other road technology such as stop lights.

  • Advanced Systems for Transportation Consortium (AST)

    ACAMP is a tech-focused development centre, helping businesses commercialize their products. It founded the Advanced Systems for Transportation Consortium (AST): a consortium for autonomous vehicle testing and development, which promotes Alberta’s autonomous vehicle sector through research and networking with multinational automotive companies.

  • Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii)

    Amii is a world leader in machine learning and artificial intelligence, contributing research insights and collaborating with industry to impact the AI landscape in the region and beyond.

Business Spotlight 


ELA is the first electric autonomous shuttle open to the Canadian public. It was the perfect fit for the region’s City of Beaumont to test a driverless shuttle in one of its busiest commercial areas.

Powered by electricity, the accessible shuttle can carry up to 12 passengers. Driving alongside regular traffic, the shuttle is covered in sensors allowing it to stop quickly and safely. The pilot project in the region was the first of its kind in North America, showing the region’s commitment to welcoming the industry and applying new technologies to local planning.

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