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No small potatoes: How The Little Potato Company is growing a healthier future

Food and Agriculture
Published On
August 2, 2019

In 1996, Angela Santiago and her father, Jacob van der Schaaf, ⁠decided it was time to test out a big idea for little potatoes. 

Angela’s father, a Dutch immigrant, was looking for little Creamer potatoes in a market overflowing with large russets and yukon golds. A little potato with creamy insides was nowhere to be found, so they got to work cultivating small, nutritious, flavourful spuds that cook in no time. 

Angela Santiago with her prized crop. 

Since humble beginnings of testing the market and washing batches of potatoes in a bathtub, the growth of The Little Potato Company has been anything but little. By 2000, Angela and Jacob bought their first plant with modified equipment to handle the specialized needs of Creamer potatoes. Within 4 years they had expanded production in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

Angela is currently the CEO, while Jacob is involved in Tuberosum Technologies ― a potato research and breeding company ― that brings the company proprietary potato varietals that they own the rights to. 

This regional success story is no small potatoes. The Little Potato Company is showing how dedication and family created the perfect recipe for a growing market.