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Life Sciences


Expertise in health and life sciences is a core component of the region’s thriving economy. With a high concentration of top-notch facilities, research and development (R&D) institutions, government-backed initiatives and local talent, the region is breathing new life into the health sector.

Life Sciences Fact Sheet

Check out our fact sheet for more information about life sciences in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. 

Alberta Health Services

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is the headquarters of Alberta Health Services (AHS), making it a strategic location for health-related companies looking to locate to Alberta. AHS is Canada’s first and largest province-wide, fully-integrated health system, responsible for delivering health services to more than 4 million Albertans. Its annual operating budget exceeds $14 billion.

Edmonton Health City

In April 2016, the City of Edmonton announced an initiative to prioritize health innovation and build Edmonton as “Canada’s Health City.” The strategy aims to create an ecosystem that attracts and retains health-related talent, increases access to capital for health-related projects, and accelerates commercialization of local health technology and research.

Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation

Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) is a not-for-profit institution with an expert interdisciplinary team that works with a network of collaborating organizations. As a whole, they provide the expertise, services, and infrastructure of a pharmaceutical company. They help innovators launch their ideas into the real world, connect industry to the services they need for commercial success, and accelerate all aspects of the drug development process.

Webinar: Pharmaceutical innovation and production

On July 21, 2020 Edmonton Global, in partnership with the Canadian Trade Commission Service in Brussels and the Hague, co-hosted a webinar on the unique opportunities that exist for scalable pharmaceutical innovation and production in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Attendees heard from a range of panelists who shared their perspectives on the advantages that exist for international pharmaceutical companies looking to invest in North America or use Canada as a launching point for accessing Asia and Europe. 

World-renowned health facilities

Edmonton is home to several hospitals and leading health research institutes — the majority of which are connected with the University of Alberta — specializing in diabetes, virology and cardiology. Some of these institutes include:

Edmonton Tomorrow

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is the perfect incubator for innovation in the health and life sciences sector. An unrivaled network of research facilities and funding opportunities paired with leading minds allows for exciting breakthroughs. These advancements are complemented by regional strengths in artificial intelligence, high-tech, and advanced manufacturing, where collaborative efforts lead to profound discoveries in the medical field. 

Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions

Alberta Innovates is a publicly-funded corporation with a mandate to support and accelerate research, innovation, and entrepreneurship in Alberta. Through their health division, they deliver funding and support to transform the health and wellbeing of Albertans through research and innovation.


A member-driven association that represents and promotes the province’s vibrant and diverse life sciences industry. BioAlberta is dedicated to Alberta’s life science sectors locally, nationally and internationally.

Genome Alberta

Genome Alberta is a publicly-funded not-for-profit corporation that initiates, funds, and manages genomics research and partnerships. They strive to be the leading source of information and administration related to genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, and bioethics research in Alberta.

TEC Edmonton Health Accelerator

TEC Edmonton is one of the leading incubators of innovative companies in the health field. TEC’s Health Accelerator initiative aims to assist at least 50 new healthcare company clients over the next 5 years and to broker 12 major financing or partnership deals for those clients.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta has one of the largest pharmacy and pharmaceutical science facilities in Canada. UAlberta has many established corporate partnerships with research facilities in the region contributing talent, funding, and equipment.

The Institute of Health Economics (IHE)

IHE is an independent, not-for-profit organization with key competencies in health economics and decision analytic modelling, health technology assessment, and knowledge transfer and exchange. The institute plays a vital role in linking researchers with health data across academic, private, and public sectors.


Bionic Limbs for Improved Natural Control (BLINC) Lab brings together researchers and clinicians to advance prosthetic care through robotics and machine learning. Major projects include building custom prosthetic prototypes, improving myoelectric prostheses that mimic human motion, developing assessment tools for industry, and using machine learning to help restore human abilities lost due to amputation.

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Entos Pharmaceuticals Awarded funding to Conduct Phase I Clinical Trial of COVID-19 DNA Vaccine

October 23, 2020
Entos Pharmaceuticals (Entos), a healthcare biotechnology company developing nucleic acid medicines with its breakthrough proprietary Fusogenix drug delivery platform, is...
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University of Alberta virologist awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

October 5, 2020
Michael Houghton was awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine today in recognition of his discovery of the hepatitis C (HCV)...
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New rapid COVID-19 test taking off at EIA

September 24, 2020
GLC, Edmonton company, testing new technology exclusively at airport In partnership with GLC Medical (GLCM) Inc., a subsidiary of Graphene Leaders...
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U of A researchers develop tool to help build better prosthetic limbs

August 27, 2020
“There are prosthetic devices becoming available that are almost indistinguishable from real limbs, but the real problem is, if you...
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Edmonton Global Webinar – Pharmaceutical Innovation and Production Opportunities in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region

July 15, 2020
On July 21, 2020 at 8:00h(MDT) / 16:00 (CEDT) Edmonton Global will be hosting a webinar on the unique opportunities...
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U of A researcher to test whether COVID-19 antibodies provide long-term immunity

June 29, 2020
Study among 13 U of A projects receiving $11.3 million in federal funding for rapid research response to pandemic.
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