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Alberta company wins NASA tech competition with 3D ‘Star Trek’ surgery

An “immersive reality” product developed in Edmonton has skyrocketed all the way to NASA. Aris MD recently took top prize in the U.S. space agency’s iTech Ignite the Night pitch competition in Austin, Texas.

Off the deep end: University of Alberta students test robot submarine for competition

The first thing to do when you have a robot worth tens of thousands of dollars might not be to drop it in the water — but a University of Alberta student team is doing just that.

Aurora Cannabis gets licences for two outdoor growing facilities

Edmonton-based Aurora Cannabis has received a processing licence from Health Canada for its Aurora Air facility located near the Edmonton International Airport and two outdoor cultivation licences for sites in Quebec and British Columbia, the company announced Monday.

U of A researchers detecting depression through voice

Improved technology can now more accurately detect a depressed mood using just the sound of your voice, according to research by the University of Alberta.

Data and trends with Tomas

The unique blend of data scientist, economist, and Swedish dairy farmer all rolled into regular updates on our region, economics, and trends. Keep checking back for this regularly updated blog by our own Tomas Nilsson, PhD. and bite-sized essayist.

Sparking a global conversation

On June 20, 2019, the team at Edmonton Global set out to start a conversation. The region’s 15 mayors, including Spruce Grove’s Mayor, and the Chair of Edmonton Global’s Shareholders, Stuart Houston, were front and centre at the launch on June 20.

Newborn blood testing saves life of infant after launch

Dr. Stacey Hume, genetics laboratory head at University of Alberta Hospital, talks about a newborn screening program that includes additional screening. The program has already saved the life of newborn infant.

U of A researchers developing new treatment that could help protect people with cardiovascular disease

New medical therapy for treating cardiovascular disease being commercialized through a biotech startup. New University of Alberta research is paving the way for the first medical treatment to help protect people from cardiovascular disease by boosting the body’s natural defenses.

Overcoming the organ donor shortage

Research the key to boosting organ donation outcomes in Canada, says UAlberta’s Simon Urschel.

Simon Urschel will present new advances in organ transplantation at the third annual Festival of Health on May 25.

Organ donation is vital for saving the lives of thousands of Canadians every year. But low donor rates and a shortage of usable organs mean that each year, thousands more are left waiting for a transplant.

Using AI to uncover the mystery of an ancient manuscript

Modern scientific methods help decipher language and meaning of ancient manuscript. Computing scientists at the University of Alberta are using artificial intelligence to decipher an ancient manuscript.

Edmonton Global official launch outlines Capital Region is 'open for business'

The wheels are in motion for a relatively new campaign that brings together the 14 municipalities of the Capital Region.

Edmonton region aims for global stage

A new regional economic development corporation is looking to bring the Edmonton Metropolitan Region to the global stage.

Young, educated and growing: Group coins YEG region brand in bid to attract business

Group of 15 municipalities band together to boost capital region's international profile. In a survey that asked 22 international companies what they knew about Edmonton, 80 per cent said they'd never heard of the city. Those who did recognize the name thought of it as a cold place, disconnected from the rest of Canada.

Il y a un domaine très spécialisé ici, c’est l’intelligence artificielle

Du pétrole au cannabis, de l’or noir à l’or vert, l’Alberta cherche à nuancer sa palette en matière de diversité économique.

EIA to be North American entry for Chinese company

Edmonton International Airport is opening the door to increased investment from Asia for the Edmonton Metro Region with its newest tenant for Airport City.

Can cannabis cure what ails you? Alberta pot producer teams up with Harvard to find out

An Edmonton company is teaming up with Harvard University in hopes of proving the purported healing powers of cannabis.

Edmonton’s first centre specializing in neuro and spinal paralysis recovery opens

A centre dedicated to helping those recovering from neuro and spinal paralysis has opened in Edmonton.

U of A nanotech facility gets funding boost to ramp up to commercial scale

$3.4M investment will allow local company to mass-produce tiny medical devices that can monitor vital signs, help diagnose disease or even restore eyesight.

'The next canola': Alberta hemp farmers see bright future in wake of Cannabis Act

Alberta hemp farmers are betting that cannabis legalization will be a windfall for their industry, with some going so far as to draw comparisons between the distinctive jagged-leafed plant and one of Canada’s biggest agricultural success stories.

Edmonton leading way in artificial intelligence research

“How the hell did you guys build a world-class A.I. research group in the sub-Arctic?”

That question directed at University of Alberta computer scientist Jonathan Schaeffer came from an American professor in a warmer city.

Alberta could be plant-based powerhouse; funding available for companies to grow sector

Alberta could become a global leader in the growing plant-based food sector, but must first transition from being an exporter of raw commodities into a value-added producer.

'Very special' food product drives massive growth in Edmonton company

You might think it’s a slam dunk success to be Edmonton’s fastest growing company, as well as the 55th fastest growing company in all of Canada, according to Canadian Business Magazine.

The rise of Kim Krushell, tech entrepreneur and champion

Five years ago Jay Krushell came to his wife Kim Krushell with a work-related problem that first changed her profession and is now changing the face of the commercial lending industry.

Local business creates new credit service for cannabis purchasers

Edmonton start-up GreenGreen has created a new app that will help users purchase cannabis on credit.

Inside Alberta’s Entrepreneurial Emergence

It seems like overnight Alberta has emerged on the global scene as a heavy-hitter in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with a strong cluster of innovative startups powered by these technologies. Alberta’s transforming tech ecosystem might be different than you would expect.

Innovation Energy: Oilsands step up to take on clean tech challenge

The energy industry gets a bad rap when it comes to innovation, yet the oilpatch is by far the largest spender on clean tech in Canada, to the tune of $1.4 billion a year. As part of its continuing coverage of the innovation economy, the Financial Post reports on the intersection of technology and energy, from the oilpatch in Alberta, off the shores of Nova Scotia and in the plains in Saskatchewan.

New tech plus old business model turn rare veggies into hot biz startup

Trusted Freshness, a new Edmonton greenhouse vegetable producer, is charging ahead because of a major shortage at grocery stores in rare vegetables, the increasing mastery of greenhouse tech, and a new spin on the old business franchising model.

Business opportunities abound as plant-based movement takes off

In the past few years, vegan restaurants have popped up all over the city, while mainstream chains include plant-based menu items.

Edmonton biz whiz sets out to make big bucks in artificial intelligence

The University of Alberta is getting all kinds of praise and attention for its leading work in artificial intelligence, but entrepreneur Cory Janssen’s focus is to find a way to apply that A.I. brain power to Alberta business.

Beyond a fad: Meat and dairy rush to be part of plant-based food movement

A plant-based juggernaut is shaking up the North American food industry, and even conventional meat and dairy companies are making significant bets on the future of veggie-based eating.

Renewable energy firm proposes massive solar farm for southeast Calgary

A massive field of solar panels could be erected on top of contaminated land in southeast Calgary if a proposed renewable energy project is approved by city council.

Solar Power Project Aims To Reduce Reliance On Diesel In Fort Chipewyan

The Alberta government is supporting Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Mikisew Cree First Nation and Métis Local 125 in owning and operating a new solar farm that will reduce their reliance on diesel generators.

Robot judges? Edmonton research crafting artificial intelligence for courts

Ulterra Brings Matrix Drill Bit Manufacturing to Canada with the Expansion of their Canadian Manufacturing Facility

Ulterra Drilling Technologies, one of the world’s fastest growing suppliers of PDC drill bits for the oil and gas industry, has expanded their manufacturing facility in Leduc, Alberta, Canada. The addition of this facility is part of Ulterra’s overall strategy to increase manufacturing capabilities by 70% worldwide.

Twitter provides valuable insight for disaster response, study says

New research tests algorithm for understanding what happened and where during Hurricane Irma.

5 fantastic health innovations from Edmonton in 2018

From lab-grown human tissue, to a simple case for life-saving pills, Edmonton brains came up with some pretty cool stuff in 2018.

What can Twitter tell us about health?

University of Alberta computing scientists develop machine learning tool to harness the power of Twitter for understanding health and wellness.

Choose Your AI in Business Adventure

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the next big step for enterprise. The frequency of AI projects has grown rapidly over the past years. However, there are still businesses that are hesitant to break into the AI and ML game.

Emerging tech sector promises better economic balance

Laura Kilcrease is on a mission to change the way the rest of Canada – and the world – perceive Alberta’s economy.

The CEO of Alberta Innovates, a provincially funded corporation with a mandate to deliver 21st-century solutions for the most compelling challenges facing Albertans, says there is far more to Alberta’s economy than just the energy sector.

Wild Blue Yonder: How Latium’s tech boosts safety and efficiency in heavy industry

Local company Latium has created a tool that helps industries solve problems like safety, downtime, inventory, rework and energy consumption, to name a few. They have become the go-to solutions provider for multi-billion dollar companies like Suncor, Enbridge, and the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

At the Heart of the Region

If energy is the backbone of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, then Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is its heartbeat; representing over $40 billion in current capital investment. 

Robotic Arms: Amii and BLINC team up to improve quality of life after limb loss

Amii’s collaboration with the University of Alberta-based Bionic Limbs for Improved Natural Control (BLINC) Lab on the Adaptive Prosthetics Program uses real-time machine learning methods for assistive rehabilitation and intelligent artificial limbs.

Autonomous vehicle research receives $14.9-million provincial funding boost

The University of Alberta Faculty of Engineering has been put in the driver’s seat of a $14.9-million Centre for Autonomous Systems in Strengthening Future Communities, thanks to funding from the provincial government and industry.

Researchers are looking to technology and education to help prepare for the increasing number of fires predicted

As another wildfire season is well underway in Alberta, it’s important to know what fire researchers are doing to help predict and prepare for future fires.

Engineer and entrepreneur: Nicolas Olmedo brings real-world application to robotic vehicles

Who would you send to inspect a tailings pond? To survey an unstable toxic environment? Or even mine an asteroid in space? Nicolas Olmedo would send a robot.

Q and A: Cannabis industry leaders to descend on Edmonton for conference

On Wednesday, cannabis industry leaders will be descending on the Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel for the second WE Cann Conference to share insights into the cannabis industry right now and future growth opportunities.

U of A EcoCar Team brings home efficiency and innovation wins

When last we saw them, the University of Alberta’s EcoCar team was preparing to leave for the Shell Eco-marathon Americas in Sonoma, California from April 3-6, 2019. Now they have returned – victorious.

Gene responsible for toxic metal accumulation in durum wheat identified

University of Alberta biologists identify gene responsible for cadmium accumulation in durum wheat, according to a new study published in Nature Genetics.

Artificial intelligence for mental health

The boundaries of artificial intelligence techniques are continually being advanced to improve our ability to interpret complex medical imaging results and diagnose diseases.

Using bacteria to devour greenhouse gas—and produce bio fuels

A total of 29 projects in post-secondary and industry received the funding through Alberta Innovates, as part of its Climate Change Innovation Technology Framework.
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