Edmonton’s first centre specializing in neuro and spinal paralysis recovery opens

The ReYu Recovery Centre opens in west Edmonton, Wednesday, April 3, 2019.
Julien Fournier, Global News

A centre dedicated to helping those recovering from neuro and spinal paralysis has opened in Edmonton.

ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre is the first of its kind in the city.

ReYu is a non-profit organization dedicated to recovery for people with neurological conditions.

After opening a shared space two years ago at the Buchanan Centre on 112 Avenue and 86 Street, the organization has opened its own training facility on the west end.

“To have our own facility and to have it look the way we want and to have all the equipment we want has taken blood sweat and tears,” ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre co-founder Bean Gill said.

ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre opens in west Edmonton, Tuesday, April 2, 2019.
ReYu, Courtesy

The 5,300-square-foot space is designed to provide adults and children with brain or spinal injuries with ongoing rehabilitation.

“We want our clients to regain as much function and mobility as they can, and along with that comes confidence, self-respect, self-worth and the ability to go into the able-bodied world and feel confident and know that you matter and that you’re here for a purpose,” Gill said.

ReYu said it’s making a significant impact on its clients by reconnecting the brain to the body and retraining the nervous system through activity-based training.

“We have powerful moments here all the time and we celebrate each one,” Gill said. “I am so grateful and honoured to be able to witness such courage and strength and to provide support and hope to those who need it most.”

Gill said the centre’s clients range in age from 14 months old to 87 years old.

The new centre is equipped with neuro-recovery equipment and specialists.

“One of our goals has been to be a game-changer in neuro-rehab in Canada. Canada is quite a few decades behind the rest of the world, so we want to be one of the leaders to take Canada and bring it into the future which is right now,” Gill said.

ReYu Paralysis is located on 117 Street and 107 Avenue.

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