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Differing from alternative energy, cleantech focuses on reducing the overall environmental impact of traditional energy sources like oil and gas. Through emerging innovations, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region has the opportunity to improve energy production by serving as a global leader in sustainable energy practices.

Meet our Leaders

“I would credit the experiences in the Edmonton region for the high demand for the innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit that we bring forward.”  

– Matthew Doige, General Manager at RJ Maclean 

Cleantech practices 

  • Innovative drilling

    Reducing energy consumption at drill sites through robotic drilling that uses solar-powered motors and natural gas generators instead of less-efficient diesel generators. New technologies also allow for offsite remote control and a reduction in manpower, disturbance and emissions.

  • Efficient completions

    New technology driving higher well production and reservoir recovery, better surface management, more recycling and reuse of fluid and the evaporation of produced water into clean steam instead of having to truck and pump it into disposal wells.

  • Cleaner fuels

    Using liquid natural gas (LNG) and other gas products at drill and mine sites instead of diesel and propane to reduce flaring and emissions.

  • Electrical generation conversion

    Using high-efficiency gas generation units instead of coal-fired units. This results in increased flexibility and extended operating life, lowering emissions and production and maintenance costs.

Business Spotlight

Shell Quest

The Quest carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility is showing that CCS works – in its first four years of operations, Quest has captured and safely stored 4 million tonnes of CO2, and has achieved this milestone ahead of schedule. 

Shell believes that society will need effective carbon pricing mechanisms and carbon capture and storage (CCS) to achieve its climate goals. The good news is that Canada is showing leadership in both. Our provinces are implementing world-leading climate policies and Canada has nearly one fifth of the 22 large-scale CCS plants operating or under construction around the world.

The Quest facility is operated by Shell on behalf of the Athabasca Oil Sands Project.

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