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Artificial Intelligence


Brilliant minds are at play in the region as top-notch researchers and creators are collaborating to generate real investment opportunities in artificial intelligence.

Edmonton is a core member of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy thanks to expertise from the University of Alberta and the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii).

The University of Alberta is one of the top 5 AI research institutions in the world, attracting leading minds to study, teach, and work in AI. Amii conducts ground-breaking research and supports commercialization efforts, and has been named a centre of excellence by the Canadian Institute of Advanced Research. Since it launched in 2002, Amii has created over 200 technologies.

Innovations happening here are growing AI, serving as a major source of expertise for industry. The region’s reputation is attracting large corporate investment from the likes of Google, Amazon, Toyota, IBM, Volkswagen, and Microsoft.

The region is known for specializations in reinforcement learning due to Dr. Richard Sutton, a pioneer in this field who is a professor at the University of Alberta and co-founder of Google’s DeepMind facility in Edmonton.

A Global Leader in Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning

Business Spotlight


The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is home to Google DeepMind’s first international research lab. DeepMind is a world leader in artificial intelligence research, focusing on how technology can make a positive impact. Backed by some of the most successful technology entrepreneurs in the world, DeepMind is using AI to solve complex problems like climate change, while looking at solutions for daily challenges in fields like healthcare. Led by teams of renowned scientists and engineers, DeepMind maintains close ties with the University of Alberta.

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