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The Edmonton Metropolitan Region has a flourishing food and agriculture sector, providing an abundance of foodstuffs and associated food processing. In this growing business climate, industries are looking for ways to enhance the sector and make activities more profitable, efficient, and eco-friendly. The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is located on the Canadian Prairies, among the most productive agricultural lands on the planet. And 35% of Alberta’s best agricultural land is right here in our region. It’s one of the reasons we’re part of Canada’s plant protein supercluster.

Our strength in food and agriculture has lead to growth and innovation in the machinery manufacturing sector and more revolutionary farming approaches. Local experts are creating world-class air seeders, advanced spraying systems, precision GPS seeding technologies, and harvesting machinery, to name a few.  

Meet our Leaders

“For CEOs thinking about starting technology or agricultural technology companies, I strongly suggest you look at the Edmonton region.”  

– Robert Saik, former CEO of DOT Farm Solutions Inc.

Business Spotlight

Trusted Freshness

A new vegetable producer in the region, Trusted Freshness is using greenhouse technology to supply stores and restaurants with safe, local salad greens. Their commercial-scale vertical farming enterprise uses efficient, proprietary LED lighting to control the size, shape, colour, flavour, and nutrients in crops. This eco-friendly company uses hydroponics and closed loop irrigation systems, requiring 95% less water than open-field farming.

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