Why Edmonton Global?

Edmonton Global was established to advance economic development cooperation amongst stakeholders of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, to promote the region globally, and to attract and retain business investment and trade for the region.

Key facts

  • 15 member municipalities make up the Shareholder Group
  • 12 members sit on the professional Board of Directors
  • Incubated as an initiative of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board to create the first independent regional economic development entity
  • Incorporated June 9, 2017
  • Target date for full operation is July 1, 2018

Our three initial objectives


To create a regional brand, and strategic brand marketing plan


To create a comprehensive, accurate, “investment-ready” regional database of the assets and attributes of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.


To create a regional economic development strategy.


icon of a globe

To ensure Edmonton Global’s strategy and services are developed within existing and evolving national and international narrative about economic development regionally, provincially, nationally and globally.

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To emphasize the value of partnerships in attracting investment and jobs, including strengthened existing partnerships both within the Edmonton Metro Region and externally.

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To appreciate the uniqueness of the Edmonton Metro Region when defining how Edmonton Global can add value to the national narrative.

Our current status

The Board of Directors are currently engaged in three start up action areas.

Edmonton Global is on course to be fully operational July 1, 2018


Business Continuity

Transitioning appropriate regional resources into a regionally focused entity

  • Continuity
  • Transition
  • Credibility


Strategy Development

Setting the conditions and focus for success

  • Framework
  • Sectoral Deep Dives
  • Retreat
  • Strategic Plan



Preparing for the administrative needs of the entity

  • CEO Search
  • Office Set-up
  • Policy development
  • Governance
  • Board
  • Budget

Regional quick facts

Edmonton Metropolitan Region is 1.3 million people and 725,000 jobs.

Edmonton Metropolitan Region is the second fastest growing region in Canada.

Population is forecast to continue growing to 2.2 million in 30 years with 1.2 million jobs.

Despite the current oil and gas downturn, forecasters see a future and growth for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

Edmonton Metropolitan Region has one of the strongest and youngest labour markets in Canada.

Annual GDP = $90B (30% of provincial GDP)

  • Increase averaged 4% (2004-2014)
  • Forecast at 2.7% (2015-2019)
  • Additionally, $21 billion of GDP is created in Edmonton but reported elsewhere.