Shareholders name Edmonton Global Board and Chair

October 2, 2017

Today following the first meeting of the Inaugural Board of Directors, Edmonton Global Board Chair John Day was introduced to media by Shareholder Group Chair Mayor Greg Krischke.

Mr. Day made the following statement:

“It is an honour and privilege to be part of this new chapter of regional collaboration and economic development.

Like other local champions, I have watched and waited for this for many years; I applaud the Shareholder Group for its leadership in creating Edmonton Global. I am also proud to be working alongside a distinguished and capable Board of Directors.

This Edmonton Metropolitan Region is 1.3 million people, 725, 000 jobs and about 30% of the provincial GDP. It is projected to double in size in 30 years. That confirms to me that Edmonton Metro is more than ready step out of the shadows – nationally and internationally – and take its rightful place amongst comparable world communities.

We will do so by harnessing our enviable talent and resources to tell our story of regional diversity, partnership, ingenuity, entrepreneurialism, and quality of life - to attract investment and jobs. As a Board, our first job is twofold: to capture our essence in a regional brand, and develop the strategic plan that, together with the brand, will tell our story.

It is a compelling challenge and one to which the Board and I are firmly committed. We have just met for the first time as a Board of Directors and been briefed on the process that brought us to this point. Now the work will begin.

We will meet regularly over the next few months to make key planning decisions, including the appointment of CEO, who will oversee the development of our support team and implement our strategic plan.

This will take time. Our current projection has us fully operational by July 1, 2018.

Edmonton Metro is a hidden gem. Edmonton Global is the tool to polish and promote it.”

The Edmonton Global Board of Directors are:

  • John Day, Board Chair
  • Traci Bednard
  • Stanford Blade
  • Sheldon Hudson
  • Cory Janssen
  • Bernie Kollman
  • Elan MacDonald
  • Jason Randhawa
  • Darren Rawson
  • Gail Stepanik-Keber
  • Jeffrey Sundquist
  • Edy Wong

Edmonton Global contacts are:

John Day, Board Chair, Edmonton Global

Marissa Warshawski, Operations Manager, Edmonton Global