Jeffrey Sundquist BA (Econ)

Jeffrey serves as Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of ​EDC Environmental Group of Companies, ​the parent investment company of leading industrial wastewater business ​Clean Industrial Technologies, ​water advisory practice ​International Water Advisors​ (IWA) and soil remediation company C​laytech Services inc.​ As CEO, he oversees the corporate direction, strategy and execution, focusing on leadership, innovation and customers.

Jeffrey is a former senior diplomat having previously been appointed to the High Commission of Canada in London as the special envoy to the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and the European Union where he represented and led the economic, trade and policy interests for the Province of Alberta. In this role, he built strong relationships with foreign investors, industry, government officials and other policy makers. Jeffrey also successfully led Alberta’s reputational management strategy across Europe as a responsible developer of its natural resources.

Serving at senior executive levels in both private and public sectors, Jeffrey has significant experience in the fields of international diplomacy, corporate strategy, acquisitions, finance, and business growth and optimization. As a former dean with one of Canada’s largest technical institutes, Jeffrey was responsible for the financial performance of all non government-funded academic programs, corporate and Aboriginal training, international affairs and the institutes’ northern and rural campuses.

Jeffrey attended Concordia University College, and holds a BA in Economics from the University of Alberta. He also serves as a special advisor to the ​Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce (London)​ where he was previously Vice President, Board Member and Chair of the Energy Forum. Jeffrey is on the Board of Directors for ​Edmonton Chamber of Commerce a​nd was formerly the Province of Alberta’s Board representative on the ​China National Petroleum Corporation-Alberta Petroleum Centre (Beijing)​.